Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Beginning Of The Pool

It seemed like it took forever for the permits to get through the city, but things are finally getting started. I guess everyone wants a pool before the summer hits, so the city was back logged on permits.  I wanted to document the pool construction and thought you might like to follow along.  We are starting with a totally blank slate, so there was no prep work to clear the space for the pool, but there will be a ton of landscaping to do after it goes in.  This is going to be a "Play Pool" that goes from 3ft to 5ft deep.  Perfect for our family since we are not lap swimmers, but love to play ball and just enjoy cooling off in the pool.  I think I will be found here most all of the time.

Friday 4/14 - They came out and marked off all the water and electrical lines and drew the pool out on the ground.  This was interesting to watch.  This gentlemen had the copy of the design that the city signed off on, so he started taking measurements in all kinds of directions so he could get everything to scale.

This is the architect's drawing of the pool.  I love the size, not to big or little and tons of cool deck on the side so there is plenty of room for chaise lounges.

 Then he used a string and some tape and spray painted the ground in the exact shape and measurements the pool would be in.  He was amazing to see how it all came together.

 Now we finally have the rough shape.

 The back bench  - - -

 The finished design showing the front steps and the total shape of the pool - -

When he was finished the supervisor came out and double checked all of his measurements.  Everything was perfect so now we are all set for the dig to take place.

 Wednesday 4/19 - The Dig!!!  Boy things started off bright and early.  The crew got here a little before 7AM .  The Superintendent came out and layed down a mat to cover the water meter box so it wouldn't get broken - -

 then the crew pulled up that was going to do the dig.

 Off came the bobcat and backhoe.

 One guy started hammering rebar in the outline of the pool  (That is the supervisor from the pool company with the cowboy hat)

 and the other guy started knocking down the fence.

 Now we were ready for the first shovel of dirt for the dig.  Yip - Skip - I am so excited.

As he dug the dirt the other one hauled it out to the dump truck.

 This guy must have made a gazillion trips back and forth.  He also had to go empty the dump truck 3 times too.  They dug a lot of dirt.

 As more of the pool is dug, they outline the shape with bender board.

 By 1:45 they were all done and even a backwash pit was dug up in the upper right hand corner.

This is our view from the end of the patio. 

That was a lot for one day.  You can really see the shape of the pool.  Plumbing and electrical is next.

 It is going to be so fun for this summer.  I can't wait.

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  1. This is so exciting! First time for me to see a pool being installed. Love the shape and can't wait to see the project completed. I know you and your family will enjoy this area for many years. Can't wait to see you decorate your patio and surroundings. So happy to see your dream come true!

  2. I bet you can't wait! It is going to be a lovely pool. I have been watching a back hoe lately too, but mine is digging the footers for our house.

  3. We did the same thing, spraypainting the outline of the pool. We actually did it long (a couple of years!) before we had the budget for the pool. Our yard actually was an asphalt-covered parking lot in its previous life, so we had a lot of work to turn it into an oasis. We made sure to have a green stretch plants--we picked drought-friendly oleander (the south of France is very dry in the summer). We also planted a line of palm trees, which now have grown quite large. And we (my husband) built a low stone wall around the pool area. People who knew our place from before (it had been a restaurant and we converted it) are just shocked. It's a little paradise. It shows that even the plainest square can turn into a fabulous space. And it helps to have a pool in the middle.

  4. Oh Marty, this is going to be so wonderful. I love the size and shape! I would be out there laying on a raft all day (with plaenty of sunscreen). Can't wait to see the progress! So happy for you!!!

  5. How fabulous! So exciting! Great shape and size!

  6. How exciting! We have a backyard pool that isn't big and has a curvy shape to it, sort of like what they're putting in your backyard. We love it! Even without the heater, we have a long swimming season here in coastal Georgia. One of my favorite summer activities is to float in my pool chair, sipping wine from an acrylic wine goblet (no glass in the pool area). You will love your pool, too.

  7. how exciting! you seem to still have a lot of yard space, too.

  8. It's so ironic you posted this today. I got up this morning wondering when the digging would begin. I'm so excited for you, hours of enjoyment ahead for you and the family this summer. Lynne

  9. I've never seen a pool constructed exciting! Bet you can't wait! ;)

  10. Marti...thanks for sharing the building of your new pool!! we had a pool when the kids were small and I loved it!!!

  11. We built a very similar backyard pool a few years ago and we thoroughly enjoy the results. Do you need to have a "pool liner"? We needed a large rubber liner, 150' feet long by 50 feet wide. We also built a bridge across the narrowest part of the pool.

    1. No in the desert they don't use pool liners, they reinforce the bottom and sides with rebar and then shoot it all with gunite. (Kind of a cement plaster sort of mix) Then they cover it with pebble tec and a top lining of tile. The decking around the pool is kool dec. Your pool sounds fabulous. Ours is not that big, but plenty big for our yard. I can't wait to enjoy it all summer. Good thing is we can swim a good 6 to 7 months a year even without a heater.

  12. This is exciting! I'm so glad you are going to have a nice pool to enjoy in the hot, hot summer. You knew all of us would want to see the process, step by step. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  13. We are so excited for you. Remember when you were worried about finding a new home in your price range ? Things have been going top speed for you. Time to relax in a new pool ! Thanks for inviting us along for the excitement.

  14. Marty, I'm so excited for you! It's going to be lovely and very inviting. You will get miles of enjoyment from having your very own, private pool. I have pool envy.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.


  15. So exciting, Marty!!! Can't wait to see this completed, no doubt you'll be excited also!

  16. My parents put a pool in our backyard when I was ten (I am now 60!). I remember each step as if if was just last exciting as they do all the different things to make it a pool. So glad you will have this with your hot, hot summers and looking forward to watching the process all over again, and remembering how it all felt....our pool was very similar in shape to your which back then was quite rare.

  17. Oh my how very exciting! I'm loving the shape for your new pool it's going to be simply beautiful.....I'm sure you and your dear family will have loads of fun this summer in your pool....


  18. I was wondering how they were going to get into the back yard. I didn't imagine them taking down the block wall but that makes the most sense. It's looking quite wonderful! You waited a long time to have this! It will be fun to follow with you as they put this together!

  19. Love your new home! Isn't it fun to start with a clean canvas! It looks like your Master Gardener has plenty of plants to keep him busy for a while. Can't wait to see your new little piece of heaven.

  20. Hi Marty,
    Your soon to be pool is fabulous. I really enjoy your blog but I must say that having advertisements popping up constantly is annoying. I can't close them without getting out of your blog and getting back in. 5 times just to finish reading your pool update. Is there away around this? Thank you. Margie in CA

    1. I am so sorry. I have asked that these be cancelled. You should be able to click on the x in the top right corner and it will disappear and not come back so you can finish reading the blog. Thanks for trying.

  21. Ohhhhhhhh Marty how exciting. You are going to love having the pool. Love the shape too.
    Good luck as the construction begins.

  22. I know you must be really excited to get this project underway!

  23. It looks marvelous Marty! I am sure you will enjoy! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!