Thursday, May 4, 2017

Creating A Backyard Oasis

As you all know if you have been following along, we are having a pool installed in our backyard.  I have been so excited to see the construction each day as it more and more starts to look like a pool.  You know how a big hole in the ground is wonderful, but when you can see plumbing and electrical and all the inside construction taking shape, then it really starts to look like it is going to be a fabulous pool.  Time to start thinking about Creating A Backyard Oasis.

Creating A Backyard Oasis

This is where we are at this point - all the electrical, plumbing and rebar are done to form the shell of the pool.

  Next up is the "shotcrete" - that is sort of a cement that they shoot into all the frame work and smooth it down to form the inside of the pool.  After it cures, then they do the plaster or "Pebble Sheen" coating on the shotcrete and that is the final smooth color finish for the inside of the pool.  After that is installed they immediately fill the pool and the yard gets cleaned up and the Kool-deck is installed around the pool and done.

Time to look for some patio furniture and accessories to create the perfect backyard oasis when the pool is finished.   Wayfair has a great feature called "Bloggers Picks".  You pick a theme and then choose what products you would like.  I picked items that I would love to have to help create my backyard oasis around the new pool.

Check out my picks that are live on their site now.
Outdoor Sectional Seating
Dickerson 6 Piece Outdoor Sectional I love the chic contemporary style of this set and the ability to change the configuration up for different arrangements on the patio. The corner end table with storage is an added bonus.
Portable Gazebo
Bergamo 10 Ft. W x 10 Ft. D Metal Portable Gazebo This Gazebo is perfect to set up near the pool. Great place to enjoy some outdoor dining or add a sofa and some chairs for a shady seating area by the pool.
Outdoor Dining Set
Vadili 5 Piece Dining Set with Cushions This set is small enough to fit on the patio or poolside. The cushioned chairs will be comfortable for lingering around the table.
Outdoor Fountain
Concrete Falling Water Fountain Great contemporary style small water fountain that would be perfect to add into the landscaping by the pool.
Outdoor Rug
Barron Beige Indoor/Outdoor Rug This rug would be perfect to add under the seating area on the patio to create the illusion of a room. Classic patterns are always a winner.
Outdoor Pillow
Oxford Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow Outdoor cushions in soft contemporary colors and pattern will add that extra comfort and style that the outdoor sofa needs.

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  1. Seeing the pool being created is pretty amazing. It won't be long until you are cooling off there! All of your choices are attractive. I like the idea of the falling water feature. It will help create an oasis feel to the back yard area.

  2. Lovely oasis!

    But who knew there was so much stuff under a pool??

  3. Awesome Oasis, Wow, it's beautiful! I love every aspect of your choices. And pool just amazing.

  4. Love your choices Marty and I think they will look terrific around your beautiful pool. Can hardly wait to see the final look.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.


  5. I agree with everyone else, I would most likely have selected the same things as you did, I really like them. I am so excited for you!

  6. Great choices, Marty - no doubt whatever you pick will look fabulous, you have great taste!

  7. I love it all! We are getting ready to take out the patio furniture and are in the middle of choosing a few new pieces. Fun!!

  8. Gorgeous choices, Marty and the pool is going to be fabulous! Wish I could come take a dip with you!

  9. I am so excited to see the progress. xo

  10. Given the extreme heat in AZ, the gazebo would be my first choice.
    All great picks. We are almost as excited as you are to see the finished product.

  11. Oh what fun you will have creating a beautiful oasis around the pool!

  12. If you don't get high winds, the gazebo would be wonderful! Also the fountain. It is so soothing to hear running water.

  13. Love that pool, Marty! And that potting bench is so beautiful! We have plans to build one soon and I can’t wait. Hoping to find some beautiful aged pool like yours, too!