Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thrifty Guest Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Yip-Skip!!!!!  My blog is back to normal and all fixed.  Man that was such a trying and stressful ordeal.  I hate having any kind of tech problem, this stuff is way beyond me, but praise the Lord there are those out there that thrive on it.  I am so grateful for their knowledge.  Now back to all the stuff that's been going on since I can blog again.

Sometimes you really aren't planning on doing a room makeover at this time, it is something that is on the back-burner for later.  Then one by one all the pieces just seem to fall together until all of a sudden you realize that you have a room just about done.  That is exactly what happened with our Guest Bedroom.

If you guys have been following along this room had become the Guest Bedroom With Left-Overs & Weird Stuff.  Everything that hadn't found a home somewhere else in the house wound up here.  My buffet was being used as a dresser and a file cabinet was the nightstand.  It was clean and a good bed, but really sort of not pulled together at all.

Then while I was out thrift shopping hoping to find a chest or console table to use on the patio, I went into Hotel Liquidators and there was the perfect headboard and for only $29.50.  Now I didn't find a chest or console, but for that price, I just had to buy the headboard.  Great shape and was something that I could redo.  Refinishing the wood frame and upholstering the insert were things that I felt like I was qualified to do.

Well, from there things just sort of fell into place all by themselves.   I found some fabric that I liked for the headboard insert, and I already had all the stain necessary to redo the frame of the headboard, so that soon was a done deal.   I thought why not go ahead and set it up in the room.  Before I could do that I found two more pieces that really pulled the room together.

Here is the reveal, I love this room now.  It looks so grown up and inviting and looks like I had a plan, even if it was a "by-chance" plan.  I love how the headboard turned out.  This is a small room so there is only room for a full size bed.  That is fine for one and becomes really cozy for two, but it will have to do for now.

I chose a taupe with cream dot for the headboard fabric.

I love this color because it goes really well with gray or brown.  I already had gray shams so I bought a gray quilt at Stein Mart for $24.95.  I have a brown one that I put in the closet for now, but I can change out whenever I want to.

I found this great chest that I am using as a nightstand at a used furniture store called J&K.  It is one of my all time favorite places.  The finish on the piece coordinated perfectly with the finish I put on the headboard.  I really love the detail on this piece, the hardware is stunning and who couldn't use some more drawer space.  This piece is made by Crestview Collection and similar pieces in their line usually run around $300 to $400.  I couldn't pass it up for $79.00.(update, this chest has been moved downstairs to the family room and a painted end table replaced it.)

I just shopped  the house for the lamp and tabletop accessories.

The drapes are a lovely sheer cream on cream embroidery that I found at Tuesday Morning.  95" long and only $19.99.

On another trip to J&K I found this dresser.  It is a piece by Henredon with beautiful inlay's on the drawer fronts.  What a fabulous piece for $99.00.   Everything else is from my stash and things I already owned.

I love the fabulous inlay on the drawer fronts and the hardware is stunning too.  With this piece, the room totally came together.

It's a small room, but now I feel like it has some character.

I think this room proves that with a little thrift shopping and keeping your eye open for pieces that would work together you can have a fabulous Guest Room for pennies.

Cost Breakdown - -
Headboard - Hotel Liquidators - $29.50
Fabric for Headboard Insert - JoAnns - $22.00
Gray Quilt - Stein Mart - $24.95
Nightstand - J&K Used Furniture - $79.00
Drapes - Tuesday Morning - $19.99
Dresser - J&K Used Furniture - $99.00
Lamps, Bedding, Accessories from my stash - $0.00
Total - - - - - - - - - -$274.44   $195.44

Now I am still looking for a console or chest for the patio, but I am sure I will find one in due time.

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  1. Looks beautiful Marty! Makes me miss having a guest room.

  2. Wow! It looks amazing! The headboard is just fantastic - great job! Excellent finds on the other 2 pieces, so pretty!

  3. Marty the guest room turned out fantatically! Did you end up switching over to WP or staying with blogger? Who was your assistant? :)

  4. Marty, I love the fabric choice for the headboard. Looking great!

  5. Everything is just lovely! Marty, another fantastic room you have put together. xoxo

  6. Lovely and very welcoming! The fabric for the headboard adds a nice lightness to the room. And I love the way the greys of the shams and quilt go with the wall colour and the painting. Another beautiful room!

  7. The headboard came out great and I love the 2 wooden pieces you found!!! The room looks terrific!!!! I wish I could make a reservation!

  8. Love it when a plan comes together. Looks lovely.
    What is that small table between the bed and wall ?
    Now about that new pool !

  9. I love the Henredon dresser and the painting by the bed is gorgeous. Great job!

  10. It all looks great, Marty! I didn't realize you were still having problems. What's been going on with your blog?

  11. Love the room, the pieces you found are beautiful.. I think you made an error in the total costs as Lumber Liquidator does not sell furniture. Didn't you buy it at Hotel's liquidator?

    You shop some of the same stores I do, I love Steinmarts, quilts, they wash beautifully, and you can't keep me out of Tuesday morning. My favorite place to buy quality sheets for pennies.

    1. You are so right, I haven't ever even been to a Lumber Liquidators. I guess since they advertise so much, I had them on the brain. Hotel Liquidators is amazing, they have the greatest things.

  12. Wow the room looks so good! The headboard turned out amazing and that nightstand pice couldn't be more perfect. That Henredon piece is gorgeous. We are getting a Steinmart here so that will be my first time in one.

  13. Marty,

    Your room is beautiful! I love the soft color scheme. I'm mixing a lot of gray and cream, too. The painting really sets the tone for peacefulness. And thanks for the info on where you found your bedding and such. I love good sheets!

    Jane x

  14. Your room turned out great. Do you find yourself going in there just to look at it and enjoy how it turned out?

  15. What a beautifully inviting room! Very nice transformation. :)

  16. Love how you transformed that headboard Marty! I never would have guessed it was formerly from a hotel room. The guest room looks great too.

  17. Wow, Marty, you got some seriously great finds there!! That's such a lovely room, any guest would be lucky to stay there!

  18. Very nice! Quite a lovely guest room now!

  19. Marty , everything you put together is always classy and unique. Love the colors in this bedroom, You did an awesome job on the head board. My favorite piece in the room is the picture of the little girl on the wall.

  20. Marty, I love your style of scouting and decorating. This room turned out beautifully. The price of the Henredon chest alone - oh my! Your redo of the frame is gorgeous and timeless.

  21. Beautiful. What fabulous deals. The painting is a darling!

  22. Looks gorgeous Marty! I love the fabric on the headboard and those dresser pulls are fabulous!