Saturday, July 22, 2017

Backyard Landscaping Begins

It has been so hot and really, really slow going on the backyard landscaping.  We finally cooled down a little bit and the guys came to install the underground pipes for the irrigation system (drip lines) and the electrical ( low voltage) for landscape lighting.

We had purchased a beautiful 24" box tree and a few plants for around the pool, so we were ready for them to be hooked up to the system when the guys got here.

Lots of pipe, tubing, fitings and wire.

Time to dig more trenches in the yard.    Between the pool and the backyard there are about a gazillion pipes and wires running everywhere.

Valve box for the different zones.

Another faucet on the back wall - -and the first plant to go in is my wonderful tree that I hope grows really, really fast.

 Then the planting around the pool began.

That still leaves me with all of this to go behind the shed. - - -

 yes the shed arrived, but the floor for the shed was backordered, so still waiting on that.

 All the plants in the ground, all the pipes buried and all the dripers working properly.  These look awfully small now, but give them a few months and they will look great.

Next up is to get the shed and fence up in the back corner of the yard, then gravel so we don't have a mud patch.  Then I want to make the shed look like a really cute bath house, and to work on redoing the patio.  I just have to save a few more pennies.  All this underground stuff is expensive and doesn't make for a big showing.  So now that it is finally all done,  maybe we can get to the pretty soon.

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  1. The plants look great. I am so jealous of the dripper system. I am currently testing out the soaker system in my front yard and it's working great. But we don't get the temps like ya'll get! I am saying a gardeners prayer that your tree grows fast too, it looks beautiful.

  2. So much fun when you get to "the pretty!" I know you're so going to enjoy your yard space.

  3. Marty, great progress has been made and I know you are so excited to see the plants growing and filling in!

  4. This is so cool, Marty...a real oasis in the making! Keep us posted!

    Jane x

  5. Things are starting to come together. The plants will grow like crazy and before you know it they will be very large. Keep us posted on the progress.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  6. Hi Marty,
    Your beautiful yard and pool are looking great. Love that plants. I bet the shed will look really cute. Enjoy that special backyard.

  7. Looking great in your backyard, Marty! I tell ya, I sure would love to dive into that pool right now - it is stunning.

  8. Wow- it's coming along very nicely. You guys are doing this all the right way and it will pay off. The new plants will add a nice touch of green as they fill in. Love the addition of a tree- that's going to add some much needed shade. I know you are enjoying that pool!

  9. Lots of serious landscaping going on! This will be gorgeous when completed. Hope the floor for the shed arrives soon. Just think, all that "stuff" will be out of sight. Just love the pool... xoxo

  10. Stunning, its still not completed but imagine when its completed how awesome it will be. This entire post absolutely ROCKS.

  11. All this stuff that doesn't show is critical to a job well done and lower maintenance once installed. You've been very savvy in how you're spending as well a not overplanting. That's one of the biggest fallacies of landscaping people fall prey to.

  12. Looks great. Lots of progress. Did I miss what you will be using to camouflage the pool pump?