Monday, August 7, 2017

Do Your Accessories Fit The Scale Of The Room

I am slowly but surely getting the gist of how to deal with a room that has massive volume.   That doesn't mean the room is really big, but just a lot of volume in the way of ceiling height and tall walls.  I have been putting tons of thought into our living room.  That's the area that needs to have a few changes so most of my thoughts have been about this room.

 Soaring ceilings and two story walls can be daunting and tend to make everything look smaller than it is.  I am finding that I really need to have my accessories in proportion to the volume of the room.  While browsing through Home Goods the other day - I was actually looking for a really tall lamp - I stumbled upon these two white glass candlesticks.  I loved the size and the pretty white glass.  In the store they didn't look so big, but when I got them home they floored me at how huge they were.  This shows you how much bigger they are than my normal candlesticks.

 I usually use these pretty clear glass ones on my coffee table, but now I think the new white really big ones are a better size.

These have so much more presence.  They seem to fit the scale of the room so much better.

Here is a picture with the smaller ones that I usually use.  These aren't bad, but the new white ones just look so much better and seem to fit the space better.

I also noticed that my lamps looked a little short.  It made a huge difference to elevate them on a couple of books too.

Adding the volume and height of the candlesticks made a big difference in the feel of the room.  It's funny how something so simple can make such a huge difference.

Now I get it.  Am I the only one that didn't understand how important scale is when there is huge volume in a room before?

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  1. Beautiful candlesticks, Marty. They do seem to fit the space much better than the smaller ones. And I like how you raised up your lamps on the books - such a great trick!

  2. Love the candlesticks! But I need to weigh in on the mirror. While it's scale is probably good for the big wall, something about it stops me in my tracks every time I see a picture of this lovely room. I don't think it's the size, I think it's the heavy look of it. Perhaps if you want to keep it there you could paint the frame so it doesn't overpower the beautiful sofa. Just my 2 cents worth. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. Can you try a bigger coffee table? Now the candle sticks seem to over power that. The lamps look great. I agree you should wait on he mirror until you get the drapes hung.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Love the new candlesticks! It makes sense to increase volume and height in a room with very high ceilings! xoxo

  6. You're definitely on to something. Scale is so important! As you make changes and fine tune the room, another thing you may want to consider is "legs." There are a lot of Wooden legs in this space. The next time you consider a new table or chair, think about something that doesn't have such visible legs. Thanks for your blog; it's so fun to see you work with what you have and move it within your home. Awesome work!

  7. love the new candlesticks, Marty!!

  8. Those big white candlesticks are gorgeous!

  9. I agree! The new candlesticks fit the room perfectly.

  10. Oh for goodness' sake! The mirror is marvelous exactly as it is, exactly where it is! It is grand. It is regal. Please leave it Marty, it sets your home apart from everyone else's. You have amazing taste and that mirror has been one of your signature pieces for many years. You are NOT a cookie-cutter decorator.

    1. Thanks you, thank you, thank you. I really do love that mirror and it has been my signature feature - just my one thing that sets my room apart from others. I do need to move it a little since I rearranged the furniture, but it is here to stay. Thanks again for the vote of confidence.

  11. Yes, scale is important, and that is why I think the mirror is too large. It seems to dwarf the sofa. If the mirror wasn't as long as the sofa, I think it would help the sofa be the major item and the mirror more of an accessory.

  12. Really like the new candlesticks. You know how it goes. First, it's bigger candlesticks, they make something else look small, and before you know it, you have replaced all of the accessories, and while sitting on the sofa you feel short and need to replace that too. LOL I like the mirror too. Slow and easy. It will come together. No need to decorate all the way to the ceiling.

  13. I also have begun to realize the importance of scale; not just scaling up, but of scaling down too, when the situation calls for it. I love any big and high candle holder, so I agree - your new white ones are beautiful!

  14. I agree, absolutely! I have very tall lamps, and try to use larger accessories since we have tall ceilings too. Love the new candlesticks!!!

  15. Those new candlesticks are gorgeous. Tall ceilings do make changes in decorating. But I love my tall ceilings! That's why I voted for you to keep the mirror. It fits perfectly to me. (Just saying. Ha)

  16. The candle sticks are perfect and I love the mirror. You are a great decorator and I love everything that you do.

    Have a great week.


  17. Pretty candlesticks. I can so how such a high ceiling would feel overwhelming in terms of decor. You're doing a great job!

  18. I think your right on to the issue of scale and I sure didn't see it either until you started working on it and it's looking good!
    Side Note: I made your hamburger, pasta and cheese casserole for a friend who had had surgery and low and behold it was a huge hit and they ask for the recipe just like you said would happen! Your a genius!

  19. What a gorgeous sunny room this is! I love the candlesticks, the new ones, because yes I think they look more suited to the needs of the space - and it just looks beautiful . . .

  20. Great tips Marty! The sunlight is so pretty streaming into this room.

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  21. Beautiful candlesticks Marty, they fit the room perfectly!!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  22. Yes, I see your point about volume and the new candle stands are perfect. I have that exact drop-leaf Queen Anne coffee table by the way, and love it. Our new Home Goods should be opening in about a month and cannot wait to get carried away.

  23. Great idea to raise the lamps via books, and the candlesticks are a great size for the taller ceilings. I do not think I weighed in on the mirror, but please do not paint it. Move it if needed, but it is a classic piece, and a statement piece.
    Looking forward to see how the room continues to evolve now that you have lived there for a bit!!!

  24. I would LOVE to just see what the mirror would look like turned the other way.
    Also, I can't wait to see how you hide your pool equipment. Our backyards are very similar.