Thursday, August 3, 2017

Living Room Makeover Phase #1

Wow, when I ask you guys for advice, you really come through.  I love reading all of your ideas, they are so insightful.  You guys not only had suggestions about the mirror but about the whole room in general.

  Some of your suggestions I had already tried like placing the sofa in front of the window.  A couple of you were adamant that should be where the sofa is placed.  I tried that when we moved in and it was really bad, I hated it.  The sofa just looked like it was stuffed in the window nook and way too crowded, then placing chairs across from it was really not pleasing to the eye and it didn't make for a good conversation area.  Since the recess is 5 ft deep and only 9 ft wide the coffee table had to be so far out in front of the sofa that it was useless to really use.  If it was closer then you couldn't walk around it to get to the sofa.  Two chairs backed up to the dining table was really a lot of chairs to look at and was just all wrong.  I know a few of you thought that was the perfect arrangement, but believe me, it really doesn't work at all.

The one thing in common you all suggested was to add some drapes and find a rug.  I agree about both of these.  So I am going to find or probably make drapes since I need some really, really long ones.  I am now trying to figure out the rod situation.  I think I want them hung high above the arch of the window, so not sure about rod - maybe white or lucite - not sure. I will make a decision about the mirror after the drapes are up.  I did find the rug I love and the larger size just came and it looks awesome.  Just enough pattern to be fun.

It is amazing when you stop and look at a room with fresh eyes, you see a few things that would look better.  One of them is the two chairs in the window niche.  I didn't like the crowded look of that at all, so I rearranged a few things.

See, this is with the two chairs in the alcove and the turquoise chair next to the sofa on the other side.  Way too much furniture for such a small space.

By removing one chair we have some open air space and that is always pleasing to the eye.  The turquoise chair went up to the guest bedroom and it looks amazing there.   I can still seat 5 or I can pull the bench under the console on the entry wall over and still seat 6 - plus if need be we can use the dining chairs too.

When you really look at this picture, it just looks like a lot of furniture.

It is hard to tell in a picture, but this is really, really so much more open.

I needed a small table to replace the floor lamp and I found a jewel.  This came from one of my favorite haunts - Hotel Liquidators.  It is gorgeous - 3 x legs, great size, heavy glass for top and silver metal on the feet.   Best of all only $49.00.  

  I like the feel of this.  A small room and this makes it look bigger since furniture isn't crowded in. 

I also replaced this large picture over the console.  I put it in the guest bedroom and brought the one I had in there out here.

I think my precious little girl is perfect for here.

Before - - -


I love the rug, it is here to stay and the size is good for this space.  Now to figure out the drapes and then decide what I want to do about the mirror.  


Ok, let's see what you have for this week.

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  1. The changes you made are perfect. I find it so hard to decorate an open concept place. You are doing a great job.

  2. These designs are so rich. I liked the appearance of hall...well decorated! The chairs are adding beauty.

  3. Marty I love the changes you made. It is always good to add in open space areas for the "eye to rest" when reading a room.

  4. It is so much better! are on a roll!

  5. You have great sense of ftyle, trust your judgement.

  6. I love all the changes you made. It went from a nice room to spectacular. Every blog of yours that I read reminds me of the year in lived in Phoenix in the 70's. I often wish I had stayed there instead of coming back to PA.The weather there is so much better. Keep these blogs coming. I love them.

  7. Love your precious girl picture and everything else except the dining area in the living room Our previous owners put the dining area at the end of the living room and it looked like two rooms in one so I put all the dining room furniture in the kitchen and it loos beautiful and now the living room is a living room..Try it Marty and see what you think

    1. I think you've discovered the perfect arrangement for that room!

    2. Leave the room as is with dining/living. You also have a complete kitchen/family room set up

  8. What a huge difference this made in the look of your now reads as a room and is SO much more inviting. The draperies will make the most dramatic change of all, can't wait to see them. I make my own so I know how time consuming it can be, but well worth it! If anything, Marty, after everything else is done, consider painting the mirror frame so it has a softer feel on the wall. You could still let some of the original finish peek through - or try a soft shade of paint on the wall behind it.. Your room is lovely now, enjoy it!

  9. Love the rearrangement. Now you have room for that plant in the corner, if you wish.

  10. Oh, perfect!! This new arrangement makes the whole space look bigger. So much better,

  11. I love your changes. Marty! It looks great!

  12. Everything is looking great, Marty. Can't wait to see what you do for drapes! I wish I could sew, I know, I've said that before:)

  13. The mirror seems to fit better now too! Moving the chairs made a huge difference.

  14. Nice sharing! Glad to read your post!

  15. These small changes have really made a big difference. The room is so pretty!

  16. Your room looks so lovely! Open and airy and plenty of room to move around. The rug is a wonderful addition!

  17. I love your changes. I'm not to sure how I feel about covering those lovely windows with drapes though.

  18. Marty, I love the look. I think because sometimes we are looking down and see a lot of high ceiling, it looks different than eye level.
    In the corner, between the window and the mirror, you have a gadget on the wall in the very corner. What is it and what does it do ? Seriously, I have one and what it does it scare the cat when it goes off. The previous owner didn't say anything about it. Help !
    Thanks, Myrna

    1. It is a motion detector for the alarm. At least that is what mine is.

  19. Marty your changes are amazing!
    Taking that 2nd chair out of the alcove by the window completely changed the room. Changing the picture to the one of the girl sitting makes me want to sit down and join her.

  20. Please continue this great work and I look forward to more of your awesome blog posts. Do my assignment for me


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