Monday, September 25, 2017

$1 Velvet Pumpkins, $2 Antlers & Feathers For Fall

You all know that I love a good bargain and ways to give inexpensive treasures a high-end look.  Well last week I did a little retail therapy and found some fabulous bargains. (At least I think they were fabulous)  So I put together a fall table for the breakfast room using some of my finds.

You've seen all these amazing $1 Velvet pumpkins that Target has all over blogland.  They had a ton of colors, however by the time I got around to shopping the selection was a little picked over.  I did manage to get some in black, purple, turquoise and shocking pink.  I also found some bone looking Antlers for $3.99 with 40%off at Hobby Lobby.  They are actually in the Christmas pick section, I just took the picks out of the bottom and use them as regular antlers.  Hobby Lobby also had some really pretty sunflowers on sale for $2, so I picked up three.  I think it turned out to be a really fun tablescape.

I left the wheat that I had on the table and added in a couple more velvet pumpkins that I already had.  I always have a bag full of different size feathers, so I added a few to the big pumpkin.

You know me, I have to play around with different options.  Here is a little dressier version.

 I like both, how about you?

What a fun way to add some fall and not break the bank.  

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  1. I like both too. Those velvet pumpkins are gorgeous. I heard about them and haven't been able to score some yet, but I am still hoping they refill the bins soon!

  2. I love the velvet pumpkins. I found a few at TJ Maxx...and I do mean a few - I think I bought the only 3 they had! (sorry local people!) Your table looks beautiful!

  3. Like both! I gave most of my fall stuff to my daughter last year, so my place will have minimal decor.

  4. My comment went 'poof' when I hit enter, so will try this again. I found my velvet pumpkins at the local A.C. Moore crafts store this year. They were not quite as inexpensive as yours, but they are nice! Don't you just LOVE velvet pumpkins!!

  5. I went to the Target website and the velvet pumpkins are all $8.00 or more:( I will check my local store.

  6. I like the second one because of the contrasting greenery. My local Target still had a few of the dollar pumpkins left. So far I have a purple and a turquoise. They are in the (former)dollar section near the front of the store.
    I am having the worse time posting comments lately. When you click on publish, things go wrong.

  7. I love those velvet pumpkins. I really need to get out and find me some. They are just so pretty.

  8. Love it all together Marty! Must check out HL for those antlers too! Thanks !

  9. Thrifty and beautiful. Can't do better than that. Love the addition of the feathers to the pumpkin, and I'm coveting that beautiful mercury glass pear.

  10. Made my own velvet pumpkins. Picked up a couple of little girl velvet dresses
    at Goodwill. Cut out different size circles, stitched, and stuffed my little pumpkins. Hot glued sticks I picked up from outside for the stems. Fun and easy project.