Saturday, January 20, 2018

Transitioning to Winter - Room by Room - Master Bedroom & Bath

Once you have all the Christmas Decor down, everything looks so empty and bland.  I think all the extra decor and color is wonderful, but it is sort of nice to have things decluttered.  Less decor and less color seems like what I am looking for right about now.

A snuggly fur throw to cover up with and a nice chair to sink into are all I really need.

Our headboard is still one of my favorite things and is always the show stopper in our bedroom.  I love the carved wood and the pretty brown and black upholstery.  Everything else can be really simple so it can shine.  My nightstand has one of my favorite lamps that I found at Goodwill and a small bouquet.

Some decor pillows in soft shades of beige gave me just enough color and still not too much.

Quiet and simple, just the way I like it.  (I still need to get that jewelry armoire stained - definitely on the list. )

Bedroom Take #2 - Do you ever get in a rut and keep things the same way more often than the times you change them.  Those pretty white with black trim Euro Shams have been on my bed for years.  Ever since I did the black and white drapes in the last house, those shams have been on the bed.  Now what if I take them off and do something even a little more simple.

 I really like it.  It looks so much more elegant and refined.

 I think I should have taken those off a long time ago.

 See how pretty it is to let the throw pillows shine on their own.  Ok, change is good, I need to do things like this more often.  Switch things up and take something away and add something next time.

The dresser stays pretty much the same.  We just need to hang the tv on the wall or do something in the way of a gallery wall.

The master bathroom is back to simple too.

 Just the things I use all the time.

I love the faux orchid here, it reflects in the mirror and looks so pretty.  Nice to have something that looks like outdoors.

 A pretty tray, and a really pretty little jewelry box to hold my watch & rings.

 A clock, pretty candle and of course some tissues.

 I really enjoy the window over the tub, it lets in some natural light.  This room always looks so pretty and bright.

 The shower and potty have a small window in there too, so it also always looks nice and bright.

 Just enough sparkle and glitz.  Now to get that vanity painted.

How about you, are you de-cluttering and going for less too?

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  1. Oooh, I want to snuggle up with that fur throw! It looks so luxurious on your bed. You're right - I like the plain shams better. That helps set off the other pillows. Your bedroom looks like a real sanctuary for you.

  2. You are doing a beautiful job of transitioning Marty. I love that throw. I am really loving y9ur new house. It suits you! xo Diana

  3. Isn't it funny how we just love to decorate for the holidays, but when it's all done we can't wait to get back to more normal, calm and serene? I love the change of your shams! Although the black and white ones are lovely, the new ones blend in so nicely. You mentioned that you want to paint your vanity...what color(s) are you considering?

  4. Congratulations, Marty for being featured over at French Country Cottage blog for your transistion in your lovely home from Christmas to winter! You deserve it.

  5. Love love the throw Marty. I bet that is cozy to curl up with. Your bedroom is gorgeous. I always feel our bedrooms should be our santuary and yours is just that. Very pretty.
    Happy Friday.

  6. Sorry that should have said Sanctuary!!!!

  7. It seems to me that everyone I talk to is in the same frame of mind.

  8. Marty, your winter bedroom is beautiful, cozy but light!

  9. Beautiful! It's refreshing to see that we aren't the only couple with only one sink in our master bath! As far as decluttering, I'm on a roll! I've stripped every closet and cabinet in our house and all those heirloom quilts, vases, bowls, etc., that great-grandmas had, well they have been dispersed to the kids! My hubby says either I thinking I am dying or leaving! ;) Neither are in my plans but when the time does come for me to move on to heaven, they will thank me!

  10. I love your headboard and your bedroom set for winter. The colors and the fur throw across the end are perfect! Your bathroom rug is an amazing pattern. I just love it! ~ Kristin