Thursday, February 8, 2018


When we moved into this new home last year, I claimed the loft as the "Girl Cave" and set it up as my office too.  I wanted this to be my "escape" place to read and watch a special tv program, but I also wanted it to be where I had my office.  Our last home didn't have a designated space for my office, so I just used the buffet server in the breakfast area as my desk.  That functioned, but really wasn't the best.  I needed a place to spread out some papers, open up my day planner and still have access to all the necessary tools needed in every office and leave it all spread out if I needed to.  Having to pick up everything several times a day wasn't ideal in the old house.

Here in the loft I chose to use a gateleg table that I had and a small bookcase as my workspace.  Now some of you may think that isn't really sufficient, but it is.  This is all the room I need and I can just get up and walk away anytime without having to put anything away that I am currently working on.

As you can see, the table is large enough to hold everything I need and room to open up folders when I need to.  I have the house phone, cell phone, cup (currently holding ice coffee), day planner and some fun accessories to camouflage the back of the computer screen.

This was my desk space in the old house.  I loved being able to see out the window, but not being able to put my legs under it was not very comfortable.

My new office space is so much more comfortable.  It sits next to a small settee and leather chair -- -I also really like my DIY reupholstered office chair.  You can see how I did that here.

and there is a huge entertainment center across from the settee that has tons of storage for all my office supplies and also has two fun bookcases that I love to decorate, plus the tv behind the doors.

On the wall behind the gateleg table is a small bookcase that holds all my day to day things that I use.  Inside the polka-dot lidded box are all of my charger wires for the phone and ipad.  This bookcase also holds scissors, pens, fun sticky notes, stappler, paper clips, calculator and tape measure, plus more note paper and pads.

A fun brass lamp, mini calendar, clock and bird tape dispenser are on top

This space has turned out to be one of my favorite places in the entire house.  I spend quite a bit of time in here.

How about you, do you have an office space that works over time for you too?

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  1. Now that is an office I can live with! After years of having one, now that I get to stay at home, the last thing I want is a room all designed to work! I know it may sound weird but I'd rather have a she shed with my laptop in it. But the way you set yours up is a gorgeous spot where the room is multi functional. I like that. A corner office with a view!

  2. You are so smart, Marty. I never would have thought to float that table out in that space to use that way. It works perfectly and looks fantastic.

  3. That looks like it works great for you, Marty. I have the exact same gateleg table. It belonged to my hubby's grandmother. I am anxiously waiting to find a new home for ourselves and get an office area set up. My hubby has a big office in this house but I never use it.

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday- xo Diana

  4. Your office is beautiful, Marty.

  5. Marty, your office is one of my favorite rooms in your house. You have put together a very pretty and efficient work space. xoxo

  6. Your space looks perfectly suited to you, Marty....carrying on the black, gold & cream theme! The "Man Cave" is our office, because The Man does the bookkeeping around here. My "Woman Cave" is strictly for fun!


  7. Your office looks so cozy and inviting. I would love to have a nice quiet space like that, and I hope to, soon, when we finish building our house. It looks like you have room for everything you need. I must say that I also love all of your clocks. I am clock obsessed right now, and yours are just lovely! Have a great day, Marty!

  8. Marty I love so many things in this room, especially the clocks and that leather chair!

  9. Marty, I LOVE your office space! I love how you camoflauged the back of the computer, and how organized everything is. You are a big inspiration. I have one of the guest rooms as my "office" but my desk is ugly and now pretty. I need to start looking for something different. You have inspired me. Thanks!

  10. My office space in my house is a joke - a tiny cubby downstairs next to the utility room with no view at all. I never use it except to file papers - I have my three file cabinets under the counter. Other than that - nope, no thank you! My 'real' office is either on the counter in the kitchen, the dining room table, or on my favorite chair next to the fire. Love your office though - it's perfect!

  11. I love the gate leg table you used for your workspace...makes it a great place to get your work done, and its so charming Marty!

  12. I love your girl cave. That table is a real treasure. That lovely bookcase would solve the TV problem downstairs however LOL. Maybe a new one ?

    1. Thanks, I love this space. About the bookcase unit. It is way bigger than the downstairs room that we use as a family room. It would have to hang out in the hall and totally dwarf that space. Now if that room was as big as the loft all my problems would be solved.

  13. Your office space is cozy, functional, and beautiful! I love everything about it! We have a designated office that I have decorated nicely but I don't use it anymore. It's become my husband's personal space and I'm ok with that. I tend to go up to our loft area for quiet computer time.

  14. Super cozy and a perfect work space!

  15. Your office space is great...and so convenient for you to use. We had a desk area in our last house where we had the computer, the landline, and daily paperwork. Then a desk in an office/study/spare bedroom on the second floor where we had our files and paperwork stored. Moved and downsized to an apartment home in August and now use the guest room as our office as well. Have a wonderful desk we have had since we were married and a bookcase. The desk holds the computer, phone, and calendar. The bookcase has the printer and a tv, and lots of storage. The bed, night stands and a great wing chair complete the room. It is perfect, and I love it - since our living/dining/kitchen is now all open concept I love the idea of all the computer and desk mess that piles up being out of sight but just around the corner. Love following your posts...thanks for sharing great ideas!

  16. Your ‘girl cave’ is very cozy! You did a wonderful job. I have two clocks almost identical to yours! One belonged to my grandparents, and the other my brother-in-law brought from Thailand as our wedding gift 47 years ago.