Thursday, April 5, 2018

Backyard Pools - Our Small One Is Becoming Famous

Since we live in the desert, a pool is pretty much a must and we have had several in different houses.  Our last home we had a really small one that my children built for us, but it is the one that keeps getting shared in all kinds of magazines.  So far we have made it to 4 magazines and HGTV, so my little pool is becoming pretty famous.

Since you have all seen the new one we built with this house , I thought it would be fun to show you the small one again and how it came to be.  Here is my post right after it was finished- -

I am so ready for the warm weather this summer, yeeeeekkkkkk - I have a small pool to cool off in.  A while back I showed you tons of work going on in the back yard.

We went from this when we first moved into the house - hubby and a small garden area.  Then the tree died and the garden area became a huge mess.

So my children decided it was time to fix up the yard and give me a place to cool off when the temps hit those 110 - 120 days.   Their idea included a small pool, storage area, raised garden beds and a small pond.  All three children chipped in and made it happen. The boys got busy with tons of supplies and grunt labor and my daughter finished the pool off with a salt water filter and umbrella.

 It took a jackhammer to dig some of the holes, but these two were relentless.

Fences went up to hide the potting benches and compost pile -

and the background for the pool started to take shape. -

Plumbing was done for the filter -

and the stock tank was painted with pool paint.

The pump was given a dry run and then painted to match the inside of the pool -

and the waterfall was tested.

The umbrella was set up on a weighted platform and covers the whole area.

  Cool clear filtered water and a fabulous waterfall to listen to.

There's still work to do and plants to plants, but I am ready for hot weather.

Stop by anytime and we'll have a glass of tea or wine and cool off in the pool.

It's been fun to see that several magazines have picked up on the pool - Here is the link to the feature by WOOHome DIY, Home Decor & Interior - They show several other small pools too.


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  1. Not sure how I missed that post Marty! What a loving and thoughtful gift from your kids! It turned out amazing.

  2. What a great family project! love it Marty! laura

  3. How exciting! It really is an awesome pool! I'll be over for some wine!

  4. Marty, that is very exciting to have that little pool from your former home featured in so many places! Congrats to you and your children!

  5. I absolutely adored that pool!

  6. That pool deserves attention as well as your children. You have a super family that loves you very much. It must be exciting having it showcased.


  7. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !


  8. I missed this Marty when you originally posted. This is so fabulous and what a great gift from your kids. I can see why it has been featured so many times. It is genius and cool.

  9. I have seen your pool before but didn't know it was yours! How thrilling to have it featured by so many!

  10. I love your little pool idea Marty! Wouldn't mind one for myself:@)

  11. Awesome pool Marty! It has a great water feature. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!