Thursday, June 7, 2018

Adding A Little Coastal Beachy To The Pool - A Sponsored Post

I love our pool and I feel so blessed to have it.  So I thought maybe it should have a little Coastal Beachy Vibe going on.

This is a sponsored post by Wayfair, but all opinions are mine.

We still have so much to do to make the backyard the way we want it - however we are knocking out a few items off our list little by little.  We would really love a block wall fence around the pool equipment in the corner, but since that is not in the budget at the moment, we came up with a great solution.

Wayfair gave us the bench a while back for a promotion they were having called Move The Party Outside.  They also gave us several boxes of Eucalyptus Interlocking Deck Tile.  You can see that post here.  I found some back cushions for the bench and added a few of the deck tiles to create a seating area on the back side of the pool and it hides the equipment really well.  

We had a pair of oars and a life saver and net, so we added those around the wall for a little Coastal Beachy Decor.

On the original post we showed how we goofed and didn't have decking carried around this end of the pool and tied into the patio.  We really need to be able to exit the pool and have something comfortable to walk on.  Carpet remnants are not ideal.

We used the rest of the Eucalyptus Deck Tiles we have and created a walkway that works perfectly.  I love it.  Now two more areas look so much better.

Little by little we are crossing off several to-do projects.  Again I have to thank Wayfair for these products.  We've used them in a whole new way and I love how things turned out.

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  1. Marty it looks fantastic! I love the beachy vibes.

  2. Looking good. Oh I just adore the beach theme. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Your pool is so fantastic!

  4. Marty, the bench hides the equipment really well! I love the additions on the fence that gives a beachy vibe. Your pool area is beautiful!

  5. Love that pool. I want to be on a floating in there right now. Love the beach vibe. Have a wonderful day. Get in that pool and enjoy!!!!!

  6. What a great solution. Love the look and the pool. I am a pool-a-holic, too! 😉

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  8. Good morning Marty! I am featuring you today at TFT! Love coastal style and your beautiful pool!