Thursday, August 2, 2018

DIY Budget Master Closet Makeover

I get so many comments about my new walk-in closet.  Seems like you guys all love a pretty closet as much as I do.  The one in our new house didn't get a makeover, it just got a few accessories to give me a primping station.  The one in our last house is the one that got a total makeover.  It is one that you could copy a ton of ideas from to take a small walk-in closet and maxamize it's space plus give it some character and glitz.  I thought I would re-fun  the reveal post since it was several years ago and and a lot of you might not have seen it.  Hope you get inspired to jazz up your closet.

I am delighted to show you the reveal of my ORC - Master Closet Makeover.  This has been so much fun.  Six weeks to totally redo one room - wow, that is a lot of pressure.  I chose our Master Bedroom Closet since it was definitely builder basic bad.  This was not a gut job, and doesn't involve any fancy closet systems, just a little paint, fabric and a couple of makeovers.  My goal was to organize and add a little "Pretty".

Welcome to my closet - - -

It's come a long way from this.  

Here's what I am working with.  Not a large space, so I had to make every inch count.

First up was to do some serious purging.  Since I am not in the Corporate world anymore, I didn't need a closet full of suits and professional attire.  Most days now you will find me in jeans and tee's, and I love plaid shirts too.   There is a fabulous organization called Dress For Success that helps women transition into the work environment and they really need any of our donations.  So I took a large box of suits, blazers and slacks to them.   This organization is world wide and helps so many women.  Next time you purge your closet, maybe think of them.

  With everything out I decided to give the walls a little fun treatment with some "Dots and Dashes". (Check out my simple tutorial for how to do this wall treatment.)  Storage boxes and bins were next to help add a little "Pretty" and organize seasonal clothing.  When the clothes went back in they were switched out to beautiful slimline velvet and wood hangers.

With our clothes purged and organized, - - - -

it was time to conquer the left side nook of the closet.
More storage was definitely the name of the game.  

We have this insanely small linen closet so I needed a place for quilts and comforters.  Since we have 91/2 ft. ceilings, I borrowed 2 ft and added a shelf.  I folded everything neatly and put them in pillowcases. Now I had the perfect storage space, I just needed to hide them somehow.

I lined the bottom of the wire shelf with some dot and dash fabric that was the inspiration for my wall treatment and then used another fabric I had to make a shade.  Hides the quilts and adds more "Pretty" too.

The bottom shelf became my glamour spot to showcase some of my favorite accessories.  

I gave the back of the wall a little glitz with some gold gild vinyl.  Sparkle is always good, right?

I wanted a place where I could easily reach my backpack and more handbags, so I spray painted a piece of wire shelving gold and hung it up high on this corner.  (I tried to make every inch count.)

We have a wire basket unit for socks, underwear and lingerie, so I placed it in the center of the back wall under the single rod.  Just enough room to hang my dressy things on one side - 

and my slacks on the other side.  Now what to do with those ugly wire drawers.  I was testing out different fabric to line the drawers with, then hubby came up with the perfect solution.

How fabulous does this look!!!

He bought some white laminate Masonite and cut out fronts for each of the drawers.  I found some really fun knobs at HL to finish it off.  This definitely adds to my "Pretty" that I am going for. 

Now I had just enough room for a primping spot on this corner.

 every girl likes to see something "Pretty" -

and have a place for her favorite shoes.  (There's a matching bookcase on hubby's side for his shoes too.  Check out the floor plan pic. )

I don't wear heels all that often anymore, so these three are all I need to have out, of course I need to be able to grab my favorite flats and tennis shoes, so they all got a spot.

Around the corner the back of the door holds a shoe caddy with some everyday sandals and a great full length mirror fits perfectly on the wall space behind the door.  (Remember, I am using every inch.)

That just left two finishing touches - A Telescoping Valet Rod.  I had this, just never got it installed.

and a Chandy.  Nothing says "Pretty" like a crystal chandy. Black and gold with lots of sparkle.

I hope you enjoyed touring my closet, I had a ball putting it all together.

You can follow each week here, here, here and here.  I set a budget of $300.  The chandy took me over, but it was so worth it.

fabric - already had    0.00
paint - already had    0.00
Hangers - Ross     73.91
2 shoe cabinets (bookcases) - Walmart   58.00
6 storage boxes - Walmart   50.70
3 round storage bins - Ross  37.97
hanging shoe organizer - Walmart  9.25
full length wall mirror - Ross  19.95
drawer knobs - Hobby Lobby   14.00
valet rod - already had  0.00 
masonite - Home Depot   9.41
Chandy - Lamps Plus Closeout  71.00
TOTAL  $344.19

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  1. What a lovely makeover. I really like the whole thing. I am curious as to how your husband fastened the masonite drawer fronts to the wire baskets. I think I like that part the most, actually, because the baskets always look sort of messy otherwise.

    1. He just placed a washer behind the wire grid and used to drawer pull to screw it on. It is held on by the drawer pull attached to the basket.

  2. Walk-in closets are wonderful but sharing can be a nightmare. Just kidding, but I do like how you and Hubby are cooperating in this endeavor. Beautiful results. I'm afraid ours is more functional than pretty right now.

  3. What a difference, Marty! You really took advantage of every single inch, and made it fun and glamorous at the same time!!

  4. OMGoodness, Marty, I wish you could come do mine. I am sure I have too many clothes, it is just so hard to get rid of them. When I do purge, I usually give them to a church nearby who has a very poor population. They even take linens etc. I pinned this to refer to also. We are home now. What an exhausting trip. Have a great rest of the week. I'll try to catch up on your past posts while we were away.

  5. My closet is a disaster. Thank you for this inspiration!

  6. Your closet is fabulous! You have inspired me to take another look at mine to see how I can make a fashion statement. Thanks for linking up with The Creative Circle!
    Michelle | Thistle Key Lane

  7. Oh my gosh! Marty! You did an amazing job with your closet makeover. So many great ideas here and budget friendly too. I love it. My closet is similar to yours so I can totally see a makeover happening in mine now that I've seen what's possible. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.
    Hugs, Sherry

  8. I so badly need to purge in my closet. Your beautiful closet is fabulous inspiration. Maybe I'll get busy in mine after seeing this. Thanks for the inspiration, Marty.

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  10. Marty, you are so creative with space and decor! I love this closet!

  11. I love how you use every space of the closet! Thank you very much for sharing the details of the project!

    instagram viewer

  12. I find it so inspiring to see how even ramping up a closet can make a woman feel special. Makes me want to wallpaper mine!

  13. That telescoping rod is a great idea! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.