Monday, August 20, 2018

How to Spice Up Black & White

We all love black and white.  I seem to wear those colors most of the time and always find myself drawn to them.  A ton of my decor is black and white and I love to see a well done room in nothing but black and white.  It reminds me of the "Little Black Dress" and always looks put together and perfect for any space.  I could just do every room in nothing but black and white and probably be happy for a little while.  However I do love some color too.  So I am always looking for ways to add a little color without over-powering my black and white. 

Any color will go with your black and white.  It can be really bright, or a little subdued.  I am more of a subdued kind of gal.  If I take a look at the focal point in this room, of course I look at my fabulous horse painting that I love so much.  Taking a color from it to go with my black and white is super simple and creates a really pleasing color scheme for my room.

My painting has a lot of soft gold color as well as others, but I have two soft gold pillows that really match it pretty close, so I chose to use them.  I am always looking for pillows that will compliment my other furniture and accessories and these came from World Market.  They have a ton of colors in these zippered velvet pillows and they are only $9.99.  The two black and white ones came from Hobby Lobby.  I love all of their pillow covers - they have amazing styles, fabrics and patterns and don't forget they go on sale all the time at 50% off and they always have a coupon for 40% off.  Most of their pillows are around $10 to $12, so with 40% to 50% off, they are really affordable.  (Tip- Ikea has great inexpensive down filled pillow inserts.  I find mine even cheaper at Goodwill.  I just discard the pillow cover from Goodwill and use the insert. They only cost me about $2.99 per pillow )

Now one of my favorite things after picking out the pillows is to pick out a few accessories to use in the room.  I love this new vase that I got for my birthday, so of course I couldn't wait to use it.   I added a feather and a small palm frond.  

The coffee table has a few eclectic items that I think are interesting to look at.  I get a ton of comments from people about the turtle shell.  No, it's not real but it looks like it.

 The lower shelf ties in with some black and white in the books.

Even on overcast days like today, this room looks happy and bright. (Next time I might pull out either the brown, camel or gray in the painting)

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  1. Hi Marty,
    Your room is beautiful. I especially like the black and white vase. Like you, I seem to be drawn to black and white in clothing, so why not in our homes? So easy to change up, as you showed.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I have been following your wonderful blog since you moved into this new house and enjoy it very much. Your style, ideas and transformations of everything you do and change are awesome.

    Thank you for sharing your passion with us, it's nice to know there are so many like-minded people.

  3. You have really nailed the contrast of black with the warmth of gold. I never would have thought of that. This is such a pretty room, I always love how you change it up!


  4. This is so pretty Marty! I love the soft gold color with your black and white!

  5. I too love black and white in decor. But, I also love adding a pop of another color so it doesn't become boring.

  6. I read many years ago that a room is not fully dressed without a touch of black. I think you have dressed your rooms beautifully.

  7. Your home always looks amazing, Marty - you have a wonderful eye for design!