Thursday, September 20, 2018

Auditioning Replacement Furniture & Art

When you are used to seeing a room a certain way and then you change things up, you're not always thrilled with the results.  Now there may be nothing wrong with your changes, it just is hard to get used to.  I am in the process of auditioning some pieces as possible replacements for things that I want to replace.

If you follow along then you know that I have had a huge mirror in my living room for the last two houses.  Now it looked totally different in each house.

This is how it looked in the previous house.  This was a rather small room so I loved how the mirror opened the space up and made it look twice as large.  In this room the ceilings were 9 ft. tall and the mirror was framed with windows and drapes on each side. 

This is how it looked in this new home.  This room has 2 story ceilings, so the mirror is definitely more of a focal point. 

The mirror is gone to a friend for her staging business.  Now I need to figure out what is going to take it's place.  First thing I notice is how the mirror use to bounce light around the room.  It is so much harder to get a good picture now.  There is either too much light or not enough.  

My daughter had these two paintings that she loaned me to try out in this space.

 They are in shades of beige/cream/cocoa.  As you can see in the picture, depending on the light they have shades of gold and mint green too.   I used two cocoa pillows to keep a neutral pallet.  The width is a good size, but I think I need something with more height on this huge 2 story wall.

  The second audition is a replacement for my more traditional coffee table that I have been using.  (you can see it in the above picture with the mirror.)  This is the round brass and glass one that I have had in the family room.  I like the style but think this one is a little too small for this space.  

It's a luxury to be able to try out different things.  I am such a visual person that it is hard for me to envision change.  Having the luxury of switching a few things around is a huge help.  I think I also need to lighten up some of the end tables.   Now I think I have a better idea of what I am looking for.

I might try to find one large painting, or I could do a gallery wall.  I have been looking through pinterest for ideas.  I like the simplicity of one painting.

I really loved the way the mirror reflected light in the room, so another mirror might be what I want.  This was interesting. 

I also love the idea of a paned mirror if I can find one big enough that doesn't cost the same as my house.  When it runs up to $$$$ then that is not in my budget.

I like the idea of the glass coffee table since this is a small room, but I don't think the round one is right.  I saw a few that were square, so I might try that route.  This is like my round one but I love it for it's simplicity. 

So what do you think?  What would you do.

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  1. HI Marty,
    I love how you have played with different pieces. I like the idea of a wood coffee table. With the windows and a mirror there is a lot of light bouncing off those surfaces. Or maybe borrow or move a wood table into the space to try it before spending $$. HomeGoods has a great selection of mirrors and they go fast. I always hold back on purchasing because of the weight and logistics getting it into my car and then it's gone when I return! I will follow along I know you will figure it out and it will be amazing. laura

  2. I am always "auditioning" pieces until I feel I get it right. I like your idea of using something with more height. I think you are on the right track!

  3. I am FAR from what anyone would consider a decorator, but here is something that came to mind as I was reading this post. I, too, love how by simple reflection a mirror adds both light and depth to a room. You say without your mirror, you miss that, which I totally understand. Do you think perhaps you would fall in love again with your mirror on that wall if you painted the frame a more muted color? That way the mirror/frame would not be the focal point. Instead, the light and the other properties of it that you like take center stage. Just a thought.

    1. Well not my old mirror, it was just way too big no matter what color the frame. It measured on the outside of the frame 51/2 ft. tall and 71/2 ft. wide. That is wider than my sofa which I didn't like at all and way taller than I would really like for anything to be. Secondly, I don't own it anymore. I gave it to a "STAGER' friend of mine for her business, so I can't do anythng about the old mirror now. Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Your tastes are swinging towards contemporary so I definitely like the glass and metal for a coffee table. The round doesn’t seem to work so well but it gives a good impression of how a glass and metal table would feel. Love the new art work. It looks great and works well with the rug. I don’t think you need a mirror in that area especially with the great volume of height and bright light. The old mirror created a very heavy look and now it feels open and even a bit larger. You are on a roll!

  5. I like the one single large picture photo you posted. But I do understand that you miss the reflection of light.

  6. Hi Marty,
    I hear you on the light bouncing in a room and trying to get a good picture. I love the pictures your daughter gave you to try. They look nice with your decor in this room. I love how bright this room is.

  7. I love the idea of auditioning pieces. The temporary art you have is gorgeous, but I also think the gallery wall of mirrors is a super cool concept.

  8. I think you should consider the Pottery Barn Eagan mirror.

  9. Marty - just love your experimentation and that you share with us. We all follow along and learn as you do. Please keep it up! Ask far as the coffee table, I like your idea of a rectangle as it looks much better than the round one. Although I love the round one, it likely would look nice in one of your other rooms. Have you thought about getting a rectangle coffee table like the one pictured but with a mirrored top? Or stow the glass and have a mirror top made for it? That would definitely reflect the light around the room that you are looking for. Just a thought! I like the art your daughter lent and I also like your idea for a large single piece of art too. I really think you are on the right track. Keep up the good work and hopefully your back is feeling better! Penny;

  10. Marty- i love how you say audition. i like the idea of 4 mirrors stacked.

  11. I like the large arched mirror. The two pictures from your daughter make the side chair look too large for the area. Take your time. We know whatever you decide, we will love it.

  12. Love the new art from your daughter, Marty. maybe hang them up a little higher on the wall? it would balance out the high ceiling better. also, think the rectangle brass and glass coffee table would be perfect. I love seeing what you're doing.

  13. I am another reader who enjoys watching your accessory auditions. I am visual and never know if something is going to work until I see it. I think you are on the right track with the rectangle glass coffee table.
    When I saw the paned mirror it reminded me of a project that Layla and Kevin did at the Lettered Cottage. You may want to check it out -
    I look forward to following along with your room updates!

  14. Marty, Have you looked at Blesser House's gallery wall of mirrors in her dining room?

    Would something similar work for you in this room?

  15. I'm like you very visual. My husband never could understand why when I wanted to rearrange furniture I had to just try it out. LOL I like the idea of mirrors in many smaller rooms. They do really open things up.

  16. Hi Marty! I think I like that big white arched window frame with the mirror behind it. We had the same problem at our last house and eventually I put up a couple of really large paintings and a mirror that was the same size ~ liked that for its simplicity and tryptic effect. Before that, because that wall was 18' tall, I had up a visual rectangle of small mirrors, rose paintings, and a couple of wall stands for little statues, and vintage plates all laid out then nailed up. Had that up there for about 9 years before I changed to the former. Should have done it sooner! ;)

    Not sure what we will do in the next house, but I bet most of what I have I won't like anymore... Funny how our tastes change! Thanks for sharing at Share Your Style #175 this week. <3

    Hope you find a good solution to your sofa wall,
    Barb :)

  17. Love the pictures on loan from your daughter! They look beautiful in that room. Perhaps a little higher and then talk her into a permanent loan!