Monday, September 24, 2018

Gold Accessories - Dipped - Dyed - Taped - DIY

Yesterday I was a guest at my friend Amber @ Follow The Yellow Brick Home's blog.  I love her home and her style.  She has the most amazing antique collection and the ability to create the most amazing vignettes.  She asked me if I would share some of the ways I use Gold accessories in my home.  Most of all, I love to share how to DIY a few of these for pennies.  If you missed that post on her blog, I thought I would share it again here. 

Gold accessories have been around forever and when most people thought gold or brass was out, it came back with a huge bang.  I love using it to accent all kinds of things in my home and it is so easy to have a few really elegant looking accessories for just pennies with just a little DIY.

This is one of the easiest projects in the whole world.  Just find a container at the $1 store and get a can of gold spray paint.  Tape off your container and go to town.  It will look like a million dollars in no time.

I use Design Master 24kt pure gold spray.  You can buy it at Joann's and online.  I like it best for a true gold leaf color and a can goes a really long way.

Here's another $1 item. I just taped it off in several places and then sprayed away.  Great for a bud vase of maybe a pencil holder on your desk.

This technique is a little bit different.  Tape your hurricane off - spray and when dry take a really, really fine steel wool and lightly go over it to distress it a tiny bit.

Mixed with a gold tray, this gives a coffee table vignette an upscale vibe with just a simple candle.

I picked up some black and gold tape from Target in their stationary/craft section and just taped off my design the way I wanted it.  I made sure to press the edges down really well.  No paint needed at all, just tape.  Think of all the things you could tape!!!

When we did the makeover on our kitchen, I used gold hardware, so a touch of gold in my counter accessories are a great compliment.

Gold Desk Accessories - Same method as before.  I just taped things off and sprayed them.  These little dishes came from $1 store and the tape dispenser was one I already had.  

Definitely dresses up my desk.  It's fun to have a little sparkle and glitz while you are working.

 When you find a tendy item that you love, change it to fit your decor.  I found this piece on the clearance aisle.  Not in love with the silver, but a little gold paint totally transformed it.

If you really want to amp up the glitz factor, use a gold mirror, and a gold frame on your art too.  Now what could be a boring powder room looks like it came right out of a designer's magazine.

One of my favorite ways to dress up a bathroom counter is with a pretty tray and accessories.  Of course the sparkle of some gold is my favorite choice.

My favorite view in my home is this one of my wonderful horse painting.  I think it comes to life with the addition of my large gold candle sconces and the gold coffee table.  Instead of rugged and rustic, I love how it now looks up-town.

You can find gold everywhere, it is here to stay, so add a few pieces here and there in your decor and see if you like the added sparkle too. 

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  1. Marty - as always just love your great easy ideas for décor on a budget like most of us live with! Not to mention you have a great eye and I love the way you play with your décor and come up with the most creative vignettes! Again, thanks and love the blog … Penny from NM.

  2. Hi Marty,
    Well you have had a gold spraying kind of day, haven't you?? Everything you did looks lovely as always.
    Great idea and really makes your home sparkle....perfect for the holidays which are right around the
    Hope this finds you feeling really good!
    Have a great day,
    Blessings, Nellie

    and thanks for coming by and for your sweet comments.

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