Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bountiful Fall Baskets Blog Hop

Create a casual rustic feeling using Baskets in your Fall Decor.

I don't use a lot of baskets all the time, but I love how they always add such a special casual rustic feel to any space when you use them.  Fall just seems like the perfect time to bring a few out and add them to my decor.  I am on a mission of less is more at the moment, so I don't have a ton out.

I am thrilled to be joining a fabulous group of bloggers for the
Bountiful Fall Baskets Blog Hop.
Thanks so much to Amber @ Follow The Yellow Brick Home for being such a gracious hostess.

If you are coming over from Art and Sand, welcome.  I am sure you loved seeing Carol's home and how she uses baskets in her decor.

As I said in the beginning, I don't use a lot of baskets, but I do love how they add character to any area where they are used.  
My entrance hall wall is where I am currently auditioning different art pieces to see what I think will fit the space best.  Nothing has grabbed me so far, but the lovely art that my daughter loaned me is my current stand in.

A Wicker Basket Vase holds some cattails, wheat, feathers and twigs for a pretty Fall Bouquet.

I also took advantage of the space under the console to add a basket that holds an extra pillow and throw.  A pretty lantern completes the area.

I like continuing a design theme by adding more wicker around the room.  I have basket weave placemats on the dining table, so adding more basket texture to the living room was next.

The coffee table was the perfect place to add a basket tray.  This one is big enough to corral all of my "treasures" and keep the table top from feeling cluttered.  Some velvet pumpkins and a pretty Fall bouquet add the color and spice to my vignette.

Upstairs in the Girl Cave/Office I have a wonderful wicker trunk that is a sort of basket.  Since baskets usually hold things, this one holds a couple of extra throws to grab when the weather gets cooler.

Another basket tray is the perfect accessory for the top of the trunk.  It holds a plant, brass figurine and some chunky beads that look so good draping over the side of the trunk.

I love my little office corner of this room.

One of my favorite accessories is my antique brass basket.  It has held all kinds of things throughout the years, but right now it is holding my favorite thrift store find book.

A leather bound copy of Huckleberry Finn.  This is such a great classic.

I do have a couple more wire baskets, one in silver and one that is wrought iron.  With each season change, I find more ways to use them.  They are perfect to hold hot rolls for dinner, some chips on the patio or even a pretty flower bouquet for a spring or summer table.  There are endless ways to use all kinds of baskets.

Next up on the tour is Katie from Let's Add Sprinkles.  Her home is always such a delight to visit and I am sure she has tons of ideas that will inspire you .

To see how all the others on the tour are using baskets in their decor, click on any link below.  I am sure you will be inspired by these talented ladies.

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  1. I love your basket trays and that trunk. I love the shape of it. So unique. You are always such fun to visit with all your fantastic vignettes.

  2. Hi Marty,
    Always love seeing how you put your glam style into your decor. Love the glam for fall. Happy New Week.

  3. Marty I love that wicker basket vase so much! Did you make your wooden bead garland? I need to get one of those. I adore your basket vignettes!

  4. You have a lovely collection of baskets and I always enjoy seeing how others use theirs! Happy to be joining the hop with you! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  5. I am in love with that wicker trunk!

  6. Marty your wicker touches add warmth and an organic feel to your elegant decor. I love that bouquet in the wicker basket on the console table. The basket trays are beautiful too. Okay that basket trunk is a scroll stopper!

    Your little office space is truly adorable. I always love those clocks on the wall. The vintage brass basket seems like a real find, and the leather copy of Mark Twain is wonderful too.

    Thanks so much for joining us on the hop! Happy fall!

  7. You always have the best texture and different layers in your home, Marty! This makes me want to cozy up with a good book and a pumpkin spice latte. Everything is so pretty. Hugs, CoCo

  8. Love your office/girl space, Marty. That little woven trunk is perfect for Fall, and a basket tray on top is perfect for some Fall Glam!

  9. Marty your home always looks so warm and inviting! I love watching you pull it al together!

  10. Hi Marty, I always love your elegant way of decorating. Your tray basket is the perfect fall accessory on your coffee table!

  11. Love your neutral decor and all the textures you use in decorating. Such beautiful inspo! So fun to join you on this hop.

  12. Your home is so lovely! I truly enjoyed your use of baskets and think you have such beautiful style!

  13. Marty, your entry is most welcoming, and I love your use of restraint, something we could all take a cue from! Your office space is especially nice, both cozy and elegant. Love that wire basket behind your computer screen and love that it's a screen for the screen! (note to self, cover the tech screen similarly). It's a pleasure sharing your company this week!

  14. I remember going through a basket phase where I had baskets everywhere- on the wall, tucked under a table with blankets in it, on the table holding a plant. I still have a few but use them very sparingly and only during the cooler seasons. You had done a nice job and have put them to perfect use! xo Diana

  15. All your baskets are amazing Marty! My two favorites are the first one with the pheasant feathers and the basket tray on your coffee flowers with the gorgeous fall bouquet. So happy to be hopping with you!

  16. I *love* that wicker trunk you have! It is such a stunning piece. I also like how you styled your other baskets with flowers and feathers!

  17. I love how you have styled all of the wicker pieces. Wicker adds such warmth.

  18. Marty, I absolutely adore your girl cave! I've been working to carve out a little work space of my own!