Wednesday, October 17, 2018

DIY Ghost Concrete Planters - RemodelaCasa Guest Post

Step by Step directions to create fabulous and fun concrete planters and a planter stand too.

Today I am thrilled to have Cristina from RemodelaCasa to share one of her fabulous DIY projects.  When I asked her to do a guest post for me, she said of course and I was thrilled.  Her DIY skills are amazing whether she is doing a craft project or totally redoing an entire room.
  You have to go see her home, her carpentry skills rival the best.  So enjoy these fun and pretty DIY Concrete Planters she is sharing with us today and then be sure to check out her blog for even more amazing and fun projects.

Little succulent plants on wooden stand
 - - - - 
Hi everyone! This is Cristina from RemodelaCasa and I'm very excited to be here with you sharing a cute little project for Halloween. I've been a big fan of Marty From A Stroll Thru Life and you probably have heard my blog's name during Marty's seasonal home tours that I'm always proud to be part of. I also like to visit during Inspire me Tuesday where besides sharing my projects I like visit to get inspired.
 I think of myself as a little ant that can't keep her hands still! :)  From little crafts to home decor or big room renovations, I'm always up to something and I like to chronicle all the details of those projects on my blog.  And it's kind of funny how there is no end to it. Most of the time, the final part of one project turns out to be the beginning of the next. Well, yes, that's exactly what happened with the cute concrete planters you saw on that first pic. :)
 A good part of my summer was spent in our master bathroom, giving it new life. Lights, vanity, shower and floor were changed. And it was there, when we were finishing setting the new floor slab, that I noticed we ended up with a good amount of mud-set leftover. Ha, a new project was about to start! I didn't want that concrete hardening without even trying something! I went running to the garage to check for plastic containers inside the recycling bin. A soda bottle and a milk jug were cut in half and filled mid way with concrete. I went looking for more containers to fill up and that's when I spotted the paper and plastic cups. Well, those two made the perfect combo! The two of them fit perfectly with each other to create the little concrete planters this post is about. Let me show you how.

setting concrete in paper cup to create a planter

The materials you'll need
  • 16-ounce paper cup (those are the disposable hot cups with lid I buy at Costco)
  •   8-Ounce plastic cup (also from Costco)
  • Concrete mix (I used the left over mud-set, but a concrete mix is even better)
  • Spray cooking oil.
  • Plastic gloves.
Directions: 1.  Prepare the surfaces Oil the inside of paper cups and the outside of the plastic cups using a spray oil. This will prevent the concrete from sticking.


2. Mix the concrete and start filling up the paper cups
Follow the instructions on the concrete bag to mix the concrete with water. Once mixed, grab a handful of the concrete mix and add it to the paper cup. Use your hand to shape it all around the cup. Don't forget to wear gloves, your hands will thank you!


3. Insert the plastic cup.
As soon as I brought the concrete mix all the way to the top of the paper cup (picture above), I inserted the plastic cup and push it hard all the way down and to the sides. The top edge was also pressed and smooth down.

setting the concrete

4. Give it an edge- Optional
You can add detail to those edges. I used a wooden dowel and the end handle of a screwdriver to give those edges some detail. 5. Let it dry Allow the concrete to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. I waited  a full day before removing the cups.

And I had no trouble peeling off those cups. The oil did help.

peeling off paper cup

6. Drill draining holes and paint - Optional
I like planters with draining holes. It's so much easier watering those little plants and letting the extra water run away. I drilled a hole at the bottom of each pot using my favorite multi-purpose carbide drill bits. I decided to paint them white, but you can let the grey concrete color show for a more industrial look.

Drilling the draining holes and spray painting the concrete planters
While the paint was drying I got busy building a wooden stand to give the planters more height and make them look like they are a set. You can check all the details about building the wooden stand on my blog right HERE.

how to make a stand for three little ghost concrete planters

7.  Draw the ghosts facial features - Optional
You can decorate the planters for Halloween or any other holiday, but you don't have to. They look cute with paint or not paint. I free handed the eyes and mouth with a pencil, then I traced and filled up the designs with a black Sharpie.

how to make ghosts facial features
And I think they are so cute!!
How to make little concrete planters with ghost faces
I transplanted some succulents that were living in tiny containers. Ahhh, I can tell they're feeling much better in their new home! And it looks like the little ghosts grew hair! 😃

A cute Halloween project! -
I simply use a plate underneath the planters on watering days, though I've never had any water passing thru, that's the beauty of succulents, nobody can kill them!

Succulent ghost planters on wooden stand

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Cute Halloween projects
Have you used concrete for any projects around your house?? I like that it's a very economical and durable material and hey, it's not too difficult to work with, especially on little projects like these planters!
 Well, thanks again, Marty, for the having me, you've been a big inspiration for me and my work! 💗 I want to invite you to RemodelaCasa where I'm always working on something big or small for the home! Don't forget to check the plant stand right HERE, you can modified it to fit any size planter you have!

Isn't she amazing.  Be sure to pop over to her blog- RemodelaCasa and check out this fabulous planter tutorial and while you are there check out some of her other inspiring projects too.  She just finished a bathroom remodel that will blow you away.  It is stunning. 

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  1. Cristina you are so clever and creative! These ghost planters are BOOTIFUL! I also loved your recent bathroom makeover. Marty this was a great guest post!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Laura! It's fun to see the planters silly faces each time I'm washing the dishes in the kitchen. :)

  2. Cristina, what a creative idea. They are so cute.

  3. Christina, these are so cute and creative. Thank you for sharing with us, and thank you Marty for a sharing a talented guest host!

  4. Very clever and good use of leftover Concrete. I wonder if you could take a wooden dowel to make the holes in the bottom before it cures. I need to make some concrete weights for my floral/cemetery arrangements. On my to do list.