Monday, October 8, 2018

Finally An Amazing New Kitchen Faucet - Sponsored Post by Pfister

There are so many gorgeous kitchen faucets and they truly are the jewelry of the kitchen.  They come in all kinds of styles and with all kinds of features.  Pfister has dozens of beautiful faucets to choose from with many different features and finishes.  They offered me a new faucet for our kitchen and I was totally thrilled.

  You see, we had a problem with the one we had.
I know it may not seem like a big deal, but a left handed faucet is foreign to anyone, even a left handed person.  Let me explain.  The only problem we had with our kitchen makeover was the faucet.  When the granite fabricators cut the holes for the faucet and soap dispenser, they got them too close to each other and so we had to have the faucet turned around.  That meant you had to turn the water on and off with your left hand.  See what I mean - -

If the faucet was installed properly with the on-off control on the right, then it didn't fit between the soap dispenser.  Now I would have told the plumbler to install the faucet correctly and cap off the soap dispenser, but he did the whole thing before I saw it.  So I have been trying to live with a left handed faucet.  Not easy to get use to.

Since the holes were too close together, I needed a faucet that would have a handle that didn't interfere with the soap dispenser and of course Pfister had one.  I think it is gorgeous.

This is the Pfister Zuri in Polished Chrome.  It couldn't be more perfect for my kitchen.

I love the sleek modern design and it has a wonderful spray also.  The spout on the soap dispenser is longer so it fits over the sink better than the old one too. 

I can't thank Pfister enough for such a beautiful upgrade for my kitchen.

I showed you this beautiful vanity faucet that Pfister sent me when we did the Master Bathroom Mini Makeover.  Arterra Single Control Lavatory Faucet in Polished Nickel and it is absolutely stunning too. 

If you need a new faucet, then be sure to check them out.  They have beautiful quality faucets for kitchens and baths.  You would be hard pressed to beat their selection too. 

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