Monday, November 12, 2018

Christmas Inspiration From My Fall Family Room

Since our home is pretty much an open floor plan downstairs, I like to keep the same colors going in the living/dining areas and the family room/kitchen/breakfast areas.  This year I am crushing on orange.

The living/dining areas are dressed in wicker, orange velvet and rusty orange plaid.

Orange for the family room too.

 I fell in love with the plaid pillow I found at #homegoods for the living room, so I wanted some plaid for the family room too.  I couldn't find a throw anywhere, but I did find a really great plaid tablecloth at #tjmaxx.  It is such a nice thick brushed fabric that I thought it could double as a throw.

 Add in my Blessed pillow from #tjmax and my gray velvet pillows from #hobbylobby, plus this orange corduroy pillow I made years ago and the colors are all set.  

I dug through my stash and came up with some pretty faux flowers and feathers to create an orange centerpiece too.

The rooms look totally different, but the colors carry on throughout all of down stairs.  I like how that keeps both areas in harmony.

How about you, do you have all of your Fall decor done and have you started thinking about Christmas?  I love this color combination so much I think maybe I will use the same colors for Christmas. 

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  1. I love the throw Marty. You really do know how to make the colors work together in your beautiful home.
    I am starting to whirl some ideas around in my head for Christmas decor this year. Happy Sunday.

  2. I love your colors. I used your decorating as an inspiration when we moved here. I kept everything as neutral as I could, so I can add colors and change colors. I copy a lot!


  3. Love the throw! My Christmas will be completely different from Fall because I love the traditional orange and bright colors of Fall - and rarely use those for Christmas.

  4. So pretty Marty. I too am thinking about using my fall muted color palette for Christmas. Partially because it will require less change. And with a new puppy arriving next Saturday, simple might be better. LOL

  5. Love your fall decor!The little touches of gold here and there mixed with the orange looks beautiful!