Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Other Side Of The Story

You've all seen my Girl Cave/Office quite a few times, but you only see one side of the room.  I get questions all the time about what you can see in the mirror.   So I thought it was time to try and get a picture to show you the other side of the story.

This is the view you have seen quite a few times.  My little settee and this fabulous leather chair where I can curl up with a good book or watch tv.

 Everytime I share this space, I get a ton of questions about this mirror.  This is a fabulous piece I found years ago at  Ethan Allen.  The wood frame on this mirror is amazing, such pretty wood and so much detail.  It is one of my favorite pieces.  It measures 36", so it is a nice size too.

 You've also seen this view quite a few times too.  This is the loft area as you come up the stairs.

The gateleg table I use as my desk and this little space that is set up as my office.  This functions perfectly for me on a day to day basis.  The small bookcase holds everything I need such as pens, paper clips, note pads, scissors, rulers and etc.

This isn't a big room, (12 x 15) but it is big enough to house my huge entertainment center that we had in the family room in our previous home.  (I took this picture standing on the stairs, peeking over the railing.)

It's perfect to hold some of my books and decor plus the tv is behind those doors so I can watch any of my programs that I want to.  The drawers and storage on the bottom hold all the other office supplies and files that I might need from time to time.  This piece is perfect for this space. 

This is a pic of the space when we bought the house. 

 This shows how it is layed out at the top of the stairs.  My desk area is in front of that half wall and the entertainment/bookcase unit is on the full wall on the right.

Now you have a better visual idea of how the space is layed out.    I love it and spend a ton of time in here.  I feel so blessed to have this space to call my own.  

So do you have an office to call your own too? 

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  1. What a great space Marty. I love how you transformed it into a cozy office. I had our small 4th bedroom emptied out ready for a makeover for my office till hubby emptied his office into it so we could makeover his. LOL.

  2. That space is so cute and cozy! You inspire me to create a she-cave of my own. Right now I share an office with the Mr. but it's not where I want to spend my time. I'm making plans to install a Murphy bed in the extra bedroom to create a space for myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I love your girl space. It is cozy and warm. What a nice space to work and relax.

  4. This is such a wonderful "Bonus" space, Marty. You have it decorated beautifully!

  5. Marty, this is a beautiful space to call your own. It is perfect for working or relaxing!

  6. I love your space. So pretty and the perfect place to let go of stress. I do have an office/sewing room. Small but it works.