Monday, November 5, 2018

This Room Is Finished - Final Details Trials & Errors

Adding the finishing details to a room is like reading the last chapter of a book.  It creates the perfect ending to the story.  It has taken me a while with tons of trial and error to listen to what this room wants to be.  I think I finally have it right (or at least what I really like).

When we moved in 20 months ago, I used the same furniture we had in our previous house in the same layout.  It really didn't work. 

The above arrangement was all wrong.  The coffee table was way too big and the chairs crowded the front window.  So I swapped out coffee tables, and chairs.  Here are a few more changes I made.

I added the aqua chair and removed the cowhide rug.

I added a new rug and swapped chairs again.

and finally settled on this.  The big mirror has been replaced with a smaller one and we have a glass coffee table.  This furniture arrangement is by far the best.  Now it just needs the finishing touches to bring it all together.

The chair in the front window needed some color.  I loved this plaid, perfect colors and not too formal.  Goes really well with the wicker accessories.

 A great wicker basket for the plant in the corner.   I also brought in a floor lamp to add light to this corner too without taking up floor space.

 Now I think the front window area looks finished.

The adjoining Dining Area ties in with the Living Area for one cohesive space.

I like it and I am calling it DONE, DONE, DONE. 

One of my favorite shots just as the sun goes down.

It only took me a gazillion trys and 20 months to finally get this room so it looks like it belongs to the house.  Now I love what I see when I walk in.  It looks like Me and it looks like Home.

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  1. Hi Marty! What a fun journey to the finish line! Your living looked beautiful all along the way, but I think you really finessed it to perfection now. Gorgeous! Jane

  2. Marty, It's perfection! I love that plant in the corner, your new mirror and the pop of orange is perfect for this time of year!

  3. Looks perfect Marty. Sometimes it does take a few tries to get it right. I bet you smile now everytime you walk into your pretty living room space. I love the light you get in there.

  4. Marty, it looks fantastic. I love the glass coffee table, as it really opens up the room. And that mirror is perfect for the space.

  5. Everything works perfectly. I liked it before but I can see now how perfect it is. How often do you change out the pillows? How often do you change the coffee table display?


  6. It is truly a very lovely and comfortable room. All your thought, planning and work payed off.

  7. I think you are right Marty... it is done to PERFECTION ! It's light, not crowded and beautiful !
    Congrats, what a satisfaction !

  8. Well done ! I am curious. Does this house have more square feet than the previous home ?
    Hope you are continuing to improve since surgery. Christmas is coming.

  9. Gorgeous! And it’s been so fun following your journey. You have a great eye for beauty!!! Thanks for inspiring us! Cynthia

  10. Love your thought process and how you got to your perfection. It's so hard, but you've done a great job of it!

  11. It looks wonderful...very warm and inviting!

  12. It is perfect, Marty. I know what you mean about getting those final details to work and look just right. What you have done flows beautifully with the dining area there. Perfection!!!! xo Diana

  13. Looks fabulous, Marty! It takes time and patience....I love how you've taken us along on the process. :)

  14. You’ve really done a great job of redesigning the room. I love how airy it feels. You must be so happy each time you enter this area and see your vision complete!

  15. That looks fantastic, Marty - I am in love with that new mirror, it's completely perfect for that space!

  16. Marty, call it done for sure. Your room is stunning, and it feels warm and inviting!

  17. It looks like you. I'm so glad you have it the way it feel like home to you. I love the plaid pillow. The new mirror has the same lines as the chandelier which is perfect!