Saturday, December 15, 2018

Inexpensive Basic Must Haves To Set A Pretty Table

With Christmas a little over a week away,  many of us are trying to figure out what to do for our Christmas Dining Tables. How to make them pretty and practical. I also don't like to break the bank when I shop for table decor and dishes. I want it to be pretty, but if something is broken I don't want to cry. (Now I do have a few really elegant pieces that would make me cry if broken, but not many.) I love having family and friends over and I love to have a pretty table.  Now it doesn't have to be fancy or elegant, just something that is pretty and shows my guests and family that I enjoy having them.

We all know that some pretty dishes and glassware is essential, but there are a few other things that you really need to have in your stash so you can set  pretty and interesting tables for almost any occasion.

Dining Room Table Ideas -  This is a table I often set up using the same things over and over again.  By changing out the centerpiece and the napkins, I can totally recreate a different table in seconds.  There is nothing fancy here except the stems that are heirlooms, but you can find really pretty ones at Goodwill or the $1 Store.

This is my Christmas Table This Year

1.  This table is set with a basic white runner, inexpensive white dishes and gold chargers.  The salad plates are sale pieces I pick up at Home Goods, Target or Walmart.  Flatware was a sale set from Ross.  The stems are heirlooms, but you can find really pretty stems at Goodwill and even the $1 store.

I love the use my Nativity Scene as the centerpiece on my Christmas Table, it is my way of remembering the reason for the season and makes such a pretty statement.  A simple bouquet would also substitute perfectly.

2.  I used most of the same items last year. (2017 Christmas)

 The only changes I made were the napkins and the charger under the Nativity is gold and I added a green plant.

3. This table shows how I use the same basic items over and over to create different look. The only thing changed here is the floral centerpiece put together with flowers from the $1 Store and some brass candlesticks I found at Goodwill.

4. Again using my same basics.  The changes here - Wicker place mats instead of a table runner.  Candlesticks, pumpkins and another floral arrangement.

 Can you see how having a few basic items can be used over and over to create many different tables.

Here's a couple more to show how the same things are changed up again with few changes in table runner and centerpieces.

Swap out the accessories and flowers and you have a totally different look.  The runner keeps the table setting from feeling too formal.  Take note of the hurricanes too.  You can find these everywhere - add a $1 Store candle and coffee beans and you have instant chic.

 We use our breakfast table every day for all our meals and it is where most of our company gathers too.  I try to change things up often and have a few basics that I use over and over.  Here are a few ideas for you to use to create your own table settings whether it is for everyday or for company.

1. I love to use two runners on my farmhouse table.  Since this table is used daily, I like to use runners that don't have to be laundered, you can just wipe them off if necessary.

A simple tablescape down the center is easily changed.  I love to use the same gold chargers too.  They add a little glam to a simple table.  Napkins totally change the mood of a table too.

Exact same place settings, just a different centerpiece. 

Since this is our second year in this home, I thought I would share the same table in our previous home.  Same simple place settings.  I took a table cloth and cut it up and made a runner and napkins, then I found some cute Christmas salad plates at Goodwill.

Same basics again, different centerpiece and napkins. 

In my new house, I use the space under the stairs as my "Dish Room".  It is fabulous to store a lot of my dishes, serving pieces and accessories such as pillow covers in the hanging rack and in the plastic bins I store all of my napkins and napkin rings.  Lots of room for my candles and extra dishes, plus plenty of room for my trays and table runners on the top shelf.  I love this closet, it is used every day.

A basic set of white dishes you can find at $1 Store or Goodwill, some plain tablerunners, Gold or wicker charger are so versatile, basic stems you can find at Goodwill, an assortment of napkins and pretty decorative salad plates.  You can fill in with all kinds of candlesticks too to create just about any kind of table you could want.

I just used metal shelving from the garage and created the most useful space for all my entertaining things.  This small space in the back holds my cloches, hurricanes and party serving pieces.

I have plenty of room for some of my favorite candle holders and extra glasses - - -

plus all kinds of room for my candles too.

The purple plastic drawer unit that I had for my crafts now holds all of my napkins.  It is so easy to see what I have and how many of each, plus which ones will mix and match if I need to set a table for 10 or 12. Each drawer has a different color scheme, so I can easily pick the napkins I want for whatever colors I am using for that particular table.

Having easy access to everything is key. As you can see, I have lots of dishes, but they are all white so they mix with anything.  I also have gold, silver and wicker chargers to choose from.  I don't have to unpack half the house or dig through tons of cupboards to set a table.  Find a closet or even a shelf in the garage like I had in my last house and put all of your entertaining things in one spot.  You will find that you will use them all the time, not just for special occasions.

I hope this helps you to always have a pretty table and one that you can use every day.

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  1. Hermosa decoraciĆ³n Marty..Feliz Navidad

  2. Always love your table settings Marty. So pretty. I love love that stair case and how you did that up this year. All so pretty.
    Happy Friday.

  3. I am completely envious of your 'dish room' Marty! I only have one set of dishes, but lots of linens, candle holders, etc to change up the look. I'd love to have multiple sets of dishes but where on earth would I store them, that's the problem!