Thursday, December 13, 2018

Inexpensive Gift Wrap & Wrapping Station

I love a pretty tree with beautifully wrapped and coordinating packages.  However, I really don't like to spend a fortune on my wrapping.  So I always look for a way to make my package beautiful and special but on a budget. 
Since I am using rusty orange this year instead of red as my main color, my packages need to have the same colors.

 This was so easy to do with some Dollar Tree boxes and a spool of rusty satin ribbon.  These boxes come several to a package and can be found anywhere.  You get an assortment of sizes for $1.99, so you can find something for almost any clothing item.  The rusty colored satin ribbon came from PaperMart and cost $7.99 for 50 yds. of  1 1/2" ribbon.  I had some silver and gold wrap in my stash,so that also coordinated with a roll of brown butcher paper that I had.  This means each present is wrapped for pennies.

With lots of packages, I love having a wrapping station.  Our upstairs landing is really large (11ft. wide), so there is plenty of room for me to set up a 4ft. work table next to the railing and it doesn't interfere with going up or down the stairs.  Find a corner or spot somewhere in your home and create a temporary small work area for your wrapping.  It will save you tons of time and energy.  You can really mass produce wrapping in a hurry.

 I have all my ribbons, tape and tags at easy reach.  This year I am using all white gift bags with my white boxes, but I do have a stash for other occassions.  I get all the bags out and put them in one spot along with tissue.

 Under the table I have my two gift wrap storage boxes.   One is full of Christmas wrap and one is full of other occasion wrap and ribbon.  I normally store these under the guest bed and just pull them out whenever I need to wrap a present.

My packages look pretty, but they don't take a ton of time to wrap or cost an arm and a leg.

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  1. I have been needing some gift wrap station ideas, but hadn't looked yet. Thanks for this, Marty! Didn't have to go to far than whom I already subscribe to.


  2. You are so dang organized too! Love your wrapping station Marty. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. So gorgeous, very elegant Marty! I have a gift wrapping station in the lower level, however since that's where my daughter 'lives' and she apparently doesn't have a clue how to keep things neat and clean despite her mom (me!) being completely anal about a neat house, I hate going down there! So this year I've been doing my wrapping on the kitchen counter!

  4. That gift wrapping station is great. I am spread out all over my dining table. You are so organized. Love the rust color ribbon that is so pretty. All your packages under the tree are so pretty.

  5. I am trying to think of a spot to set up a table. The only thing I have is a card table that is being used right now but I might be able to borrow a table like yours from our clubhouse! Thanks for the inspiration, Marty! Merry Christmas!

  6. Love the idea of a gift wrapping station. The tree is stunning.

  7. That is such a great idea and I'm thinking from that vantage point you can look down upon that beautifully bedecked tree. Love the color combinations of your decorations and packaging.

  8. It all looks lovely, tree and packages!

  9. I love how organized is your gift wrapping station!