Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Cleaned & Organized Pantry - Door Shelving Units

Keeping the kitchen organized is so important to be able to cook a meal with ease, but keeping the pantry organized seems to be the one thing that gets us all down.
The pantry in our previous home was one of those closet pantries.  They are so hard to work with, but we finally figured out a way to make ours work. Check out how we reorganized the shelves and added the door unit to take care of all those little things that get lost in every pantry and create nothing but clutter.

 These fabulous door unit shelves save the day every time. I found mine at Walmart and they usually run around $25.  They are pure gold in my eyes.  Check out how we made this closet pantry work for us. 

My Walk-In Pantry  in our new home is really my Grocery Store.  This is definitely where I shop every day to make our meals.

These two shallow racks hold all those small things that get lost in a basket somewhere.  This wall was blank when we moved in, but these two racks hold all those things that create so much clutter you can't find anything.

I also love having some of my small appliances easy to reach along with some of my favorite cookware.  No digging in cupboards, just grab what I need as I shop my store.

So instead of a pretty pantry, I have a "grocery store" at home and I do shop it every single day.

How about you, is yours a really pretty pantry, or more like a grocery store like mine?

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  1. The wall racks with the little baskets are wonderful. I got mine from Amazon and it is on the inside of one of the French doors to the pantry. The other door has a spice rack. Your "store" looks well-organized and well stocked!

  2. Marty your pantry is a dream pantry. I have a big old french armoire that is my pantry and I love that I can store food but also all my crock pots, extra serving pieces etc. Your pantry rocks!!! Happy Saturday. Enjoy living in AZ today. We are getting a ton of snow here in Illinois. Ugh!!!

  3. Dear friend your pantry is fabulous ! Perfect and so well organized, just so very practical too and so easy for reaching anything every day. It's just a perfect size and this is great so you don't have to use any space in the kitchen. I love it that you keep your pans and dishes there too.
    Perfect !

  4. Love your pantry! So spacious and organized! A walk-in pantry is my #1 requirement for our next house--we have one of those pantry closets now and it really is tiny! Thanks for sharing!