Monday, January 14, 2019

Kitchen - My Favorite Room & A Couple Of Christmas Gifts

I always love a clean kitchen - so with all the Christmas decor taken down, it got a really good cleaning again.  We had a ton of company so I needed to hit all the corners in the kitchen and breakfast area and make sure it was totally cleaned.

Then the fun began with putting out a couple of different vignettes and getting to play with some of my favorite accessories and a couple of Christmas gifts.  I was really spoiled this year as usual.  

I received some really pretty new tea towels for everyday and for next year at Christmas, and a couple of other fun things. too.

See how clean and look at how those floors shine too.  This area got a really good deep clean.

Then I had fun with a few of my favorite accessories. 

I love my little chef so he got to stay out on the island.  I added my favorite cloche to hold some of my faux treats.  (These are the best - no calories)

 The back counter always is a fun place to decorate.  My favorite little yellow pig came back out - - -

 and I had fun adding a couple of my Christmas presents.

 I love to watch The Pioneer Woman show, so having her cookbook is a real treat.  I also got this wonderful stand to display it on.  There are some wonderful recipes in here and some really great stories and pictures of the family too.

 My stocking had a couple of surprises, one was this really cute set of Kate Spade Salt and Pepper shakers.  Aren't they fun?  I love them.

The Breakfast table also got a new centerpiece and a change in the place settings 

I absolutely love how the light pours into this area. 

That about does it for the inside of the house.  Everything is clean and back to normal.  We do have all the Christmas decor down in the front yard, however we've had some really unseasonably cold weather ( lows down to 28 and highs only in the 40's) so we left all the lights in the back yard to help protect some of the plants.  Jim had to cover them to protect from frost and the lights help create a warm tent for them.

At night it looks like we have a bunch of colored ghosts in the yard.  This looks so funny.  

To stay up to date on all the makeovers taking place at our new home, I would love to have you follow me.  You don't want to miss any of our "Hits & Misses".

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  1. Those s&p shakers are adorable, Marty, and so YOU! I didn't realize you get temps that cold at night!

  2. Your kitchen looks wonderful. I’m waiting for some new appliances to be delivered and would love to upgrade my countertops. Haven’t told hubby about that idea just yet! I love Kate Spade items and your S & P shakers are the cutest!. I have a phone jacket with the polka dots by Kate Spade. I didn’t realize you guys could get cold enough to have a frost. I’m sure your covers with the lights will work perfectly!

  3. Everything is looking ship shape in your kitchen and dining room, Marty. Love the KS salt & peppers. How cute are those!!??!! It does look like ghostly forms in your backyard. LOL That would have been perfect at Halloween. xo Diana

  4. Back to normal and more beautiful dear Marty ! I love your new kitchen at your new house, it is perfect ! All the vignettes are so adorable especially your chef and that lovely cloche. I'd love to get a Pioneer Woman cook book too. Next time I am going to decorate my little kitchen too and you are my inspiration.
    Thanks for the recipe, I love dishes that serve a crowd it makes easier to host lots of people.
    Have a great week ahead.

  5. Love Kate Spade so those s&p shakers are so cute and very you Marty. I love the table runners instead of individual placemats. Wow I did not know AZ got that cold and got frost. Glad you covered your plants. Another thing we do here where there is an unexpected frost in the Spring or early summer is to water the plants down with a heavy amount of water it will protect the plants too. Happy Sunday. Have a great start to the new week.

  6. Oh! I meant to comment on your "ghost plant" idea. It is a very clever thing you do with plants for your colder weather. Our Winter weather here is as at your neck of the woods. Therefore I will give this tip to some of my 'in laws' that complain on how their plants get frozen at night, especially.
    I live in a pent house of a building but we have a pool and garden downstairs, so I will mention it to the management of the building, as well.
    Thank you for sharing my friend.

  7. Marty,
    Your gorgeous "after Christmas" Kitchen reminds me of a product I used as a new bride. . .Spic 'n Span!
    You're going to l o v e your Pioneer Woman Cookbook!
    My favorites of her recipes are the Flat Apple Pie and Edna Mae's Sour Cream Pancakes!
    I l o v e lights in the Garden and we use solar powered year 'round,but your "ghost lights" are too, too funny!

  8. We all love your kitchen in the new house and the decor is delightful. I had to laugh at the ghost plants. I live in FL and my bromeliads are covered too. Word of caution to those copying the idea. LED lights aren't warm and please buy UL lights. A friend bought some non Union Label (UL) lights to put in a floral arrangement on her sideboard. Her house caught on fire. Good thing they were home at the time. I try to stock up on mini lights after Christmas. Those little LED lights for Christmas trees are the best during hurricane season when we lose power.

  9. ahh yes. nothing like a clean kitchen....with treats that don't have any calories~

  10. Wow, I sure hope your plants are ok, that's COLD for your area!! Your kitchen is lovely, what I wouldn't give for all that counter space!

  11. I love those salt and pepper shakers. They are adorable. Love the tablescape also. So pretty!