Monday, January 7, 2019

Putting The House Back Together - Loft/Office-GirlCave

It always amazes me at how dirty the house is when you take all the Christmas decor down, it seems like there are pine needles (even from faux trees) everywhere and dust bunnies galore.  This calls for some deep cleaning before we can put each room back together.

Since the house seemed on overload with Christmas, I am in the mood for minimal decor at the moment.  I started with the Master Bedroom and some new bedding, then I thought I would just stay upstairs and finish cleaning this floor before I went downstairs.  So next on my list was the Loft/GirlCave.  

I love this space and spend quite a bit of time in here.  You can see just a glimpse in the mirror of the entertainment center that takes up the wall across from the settee and holds a tv, office supplies and great speakers for my music.   I can sit here and watch all my favorite programs and not bother anyone else. 

This little wicker trunk makes a great coffee table and holds extra linens too.  If we have overflow guests, we put an air mattress down in this area and all the linens are easy to grab.

I love my office space, it is perfect for me on a day to day basis.   This gate-leg table makes a fabulous desk.

The small bookcase next to the desk holds all my pens, note pads, tape, paperclips, chargers and items that I use most often.

 If you read an earlier post where my credit card and and debit card were hacked, then my computer fried, all in one day.  It was not a great week.  The computer is being repaired so we went ahead and bought a laptop computer, the first one we bought was defective, so we had to start over.  We ordered this one and it is fabulous.  The bank reversed all the charges to my credit and debit card and issued me new ones, so we are back to normal again.

This room has been thoroughly cleaned and organized.  I decided to keep the decor to a minimum with just a couple of pretty pillows.  I am definitely thinking less is more.  

How about you, are you ready to minimize after the Christmas overload?

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  1. First off, so sorry that happened to you. We've had it happen more than once and it is such a pain to have to change everything!! My desktop also died in the fall. I am however loving my new laptop.
    I have plans to go room by room and remove access. I am craving a more simple lifestyle, so we can enjoy the things that truly matter.
    I love the idea of a multi functional room such as yours. We will be changing some of our rooms this year to better suit our needs and I am thinking something like this would work perfectly.

  2. I love your special room Marty ! It is so perfect and so personal with your laptop and that small bookshelf that carries your office things.
    You are right, after Christmas everything is so dirty, specially every item you putted away to bring out the red and green. I had to wash in running water every piece I used on my dining room vignettes lately.
    I always admire every room of your lovely house. We are blessed to have a home and a home we love at that. I always feel so thankful.

  3. Your office is so pretty. I wish mine was pretty, but I share this space with my son and daughter so it is jam packed with computers and electronics. Happy New Year, Kippi