Friday, February 22, 2019

Bargain Fabric & New Throw Pillows

As I said last week, I am going to be in a No Spend period for a while so I can fill up the Piggy Bank, however that isn't going to stop a few projects.  I am going to use up all the material I have for various jobs that haven't happened yet.  One of my first things was to use up some fabric that I've had for a while and make a couple new pillows.

Whenever JoAnn has a huge fabric sale, I like to browse through and see if there is anything that catches my eye.  I don't buy their expensive fabric unless it is on sale for a really good price.  I found these two pieces at a super price, so of course I bought enough for some pillows. 

I usually buy 3/4 of a yard so I have enough to make 22" pillows or a combination of a square and an oblong.

I really like the look and feel of this fabric, it was a substantial cotton and the color and pattern were both nice.  It was regularly $34.99 and on sale for 50% off.

This one has a really pretty sequin pattern, and was on the close out rack.  It was normally $49.95 yd.  I bought 3/4 yd. for $14.99.  That is a bargain in my book.

I set my sewing machine up on the end of the breakfast table.  It is out of the way there, but also gives me a great work area.

Plenty of room to spread out and create my projects.

I made one 22" pillow with the grey geometric and had enough to also make the cording for a very special designer look.  With the sequin fabric, I cut out a 22" piece for the front of one pillow complete with cording and ---

I had enough to make an oblong bolster style pillow with the remainder of the fabric. (I used the sequin fabric for the front and back of this pillow - I also used a plain cream fabric that I already had for the cording)

That's only $32.49 for three gorgeous pillows.  Each pillow has a zipper so I can change them out whenever I want to.  If you would like to see my tutorial for making a pillow with cording and a zipper you can check out my tutorial here.

I still have more fabric, so I may get busy and make a few more pillows.  

How about you, do you sew and do you make your own pillows too.  They are so much more economical if you can make them and they really don't take much time either.  

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  1. I do sew and make my own pillows-unless I find GREAT DEALS at TJ Maxx. I have trouble sewing on sequins though.I have a really good machine but for some reason I either break a needle or my thread snaps as I a sewing. It doesn't happen with other kinds of fabrics.
    I love your pillows and those are definitely bargain prices. xo Diana

  2. I like your fabric choices. Joanne's closed and moved to the next town and I rarely make it over there. We have a family owned fabric store with great selection, but fabric rarely ever goes on sale.

    I make all my pillows and I like them best with zippers and welting. Sometimes I just do a fold over flap on back too.

    My sewing machine is on the dining room table today so I can finish up a quilt. As part of my purging, I'm trying to use up material rather than throw it away. I have made quite a few things already.

  3. Marty,
    Gorgeous 'designer quality' pillows!
    I agree, that fabric is bargain price and love that you could take advantage of the $ale price!
    I prefer NOT to sew, but should the need arise, I have sewn draperies and pillows for our home.
    Keep those inspiring deal$ coming!

  4. Funny - your first fabric I have several yards of - had intended to cover our kitchen dining chairs in it - love it - but with the busy floor squares it didn't look good, so ended up just using some cotton canvas we had. I still have this fabric. I am not good with a sewing machine, but sure appreciate your talents, inspiration and tutorials. Perhaps I will one day give it a try. I think pillows in this fabric are great idea. It'd match my den sofa.

    Thanks, Marty. Sorry I have been away - just can't seem to find time for posting anymore. Hope to soon. Hugs!

  5. How great Marty you can get your glam look with bargain fabrics and making your own pillows. I so envy you girls that can sew. They look so pretty.

  6. Marty, those are beautiful - love the mix of fabrics and shapes of pillows. The lumbar shapes are my favorites for using in chairs at my lower back, but all of those make for a smart and chic look.

  7. your pillows are so pretty! i love to make my own pillows but not as good to do cording and zipppers. ill have to check out your tutorial. good luck with the no spend

  8. Your pillows are beautiful and adding the cording gives them that designer look! I like to sew and quilt too. Last year I made a curtain for a bedroom and used your hint of a Wal-Mart sheet for the lining. It turned out great!

  9. Marty, I love the pillows you made. You had some beautiful fabric in your stash, and now have some beautiful pillows. I say you’re winning on your No Spend period!