Thursday, February 7, 2019

How To Style A Glass Top Coffee Table

I've had a ton of questions about styling both of my glass top coffee tables.  I have a round one in the family room and a square one in the living room.  I love how that take up no visual space in a room - especially since my rooms are not very large.  I think they are also so stylish and up to date too.  They add they little touch of chic to any room

I think the same rules apply when styling a glass top table that applies to any coffee table.  I went on line to try and find some fabulous examples to show you.

All these are styled to perfection using different types of accessories.  I hope you can see how to use your own accessories if you have a glass top table to create the look you like.

I love how she stacked candles, a bust and flowers on top of her books.  The bottom shelf is styled with more books and a beautiful bowl.

 This is the same coffee table in a different room and styled with different accessories.  A tray is used to corral the flowers and a few small things.  Books are used again both on top and bottom and the terrarium is an instresting addition.  (If you don't have any "coffee table" books, check out Goodwill, I see all kinds of fun books there that you can use to decorate with.)

 Again a tray is used to contain the top grouping of books and the floral arrangement.

This one is so pretty and has a tray, plant, boxes and pretty candlesticks too and it is not cluttered. 

The square one in my living room has been styled dozens of ways too.  Here the focal point is the chess set.  The ivy and candles add to the over all appeal of the vignette, but the focal point is the chess set.  There are some really fabulous chess boards and I see some really interesting Tic-Tac-Toe games too that would be a fun accessory.  Why not make your coffee table a place for the family to enjoy a game.

Round ones are so fun to decorate too.  

 Most of these are styled just the same as the square ones.  Books, plants, trays and art objects.

This isn't glass but the same vignettes would look fabulous on a glass top table.

I have styled the round one in our family room a dozen different ways.  This one is simple with just a plant and candle as the main feature.

Sometimes your vignette helps to define a theme.  I love the added black since it adds more black to the pillow arrangement.   Secondly - - --

See how the horn kind of enhances the feel of the painting.  I don't do theme rooms, but I like to enhance the feel a room takes on sometimes.

I also like to section off the top and treat each half of the coffee table a little differently.  (This was on my previous coffee table, but it works on the glass one too)

Don't think about the top being glass, just style it the way you would any coffee table and it will be perfect.  

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  1. Just the inspiration I needed to freshen up my living room coffee table. I still have my Queen Anne like your old one and just can't see getting rid of it although I've tried.

  2. Thank you for a fun read. I have a round glass cocktail table that I love but it does take a bit more thought to style. Mine has looked the same for over a year now. This makes me think it is time to look at it again and change things up a bit.

  3. So pretty Marty. Love glass tables and how they make the room feel bigger. These vignettes are so pretty.

  4. Love the post Marty and I especially like the round one with the candle and plant on it.

  5. Where did you get the coffee table in the living room? I need one just like it :-)

  6. Lovely, Marty! Visiting from Sweet Inspiration... Would love to have you link-up at Homestyle Gathering on Tuesdays via My Wee Abode! Pinning!

  7. very interesting post.this is my first time visit here.i found so mmany interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion..thanks for the post! cold brew