Monday, April 15, 2019

Are You The Keeper Of Family Heirlooms & Treasures ?

When I walk through thrift stores and Goodwill I often wonder who owned those items and how come someone in their family didn't want any of it.  I have so many things that I treasure from my Mother and my Mother-in-law that bring back wonderful memories and I love having them. 

 Some of the things I have that are very special to me are Silver, Crystal and some dishes.  I have this very old antique china cabinet that holds most of it.  These items don't necessarily have any monetary value, just sentimental, but I love them all. 

This house has tons of windows which I love, so there wasn't a wall to put the china cabinet on. It sits on the long entrance wall across from the dining table..

This piece has curved glass on the sides and door that is original with a few tiny bubbles and waves that old glass has.  It isn't nearly as full as it looks, the back is mirrored, so it doubles the appearance of everything in it.

It is impossible to get a picture of the items inside with all the shine of the silver and sparkle of the crystal.  The shelves are very heavy glass as you can see, so that creates even more reflection as well as the mirrored back.  These are all just things that I remember my Mother and Mother-in-law saving for special occasions and loving.  When I see these pieces I think of both of them.  (The pink depression glass on the bottom shelf were wedding gifts to my parents)

When I use some of these pieces in my tablesettings, I love that it brings back memories for my children too and they say "That was Grandma's."  Sweet memories of loved ones.

You can read the story about my China Cabinet and how I found it here. 

I'm also the keeper of the clocks too.  I have eight, three of them hang in my loft/office, but that's a story for another day.

Are you the keeper of family treasures too?

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  1. I treasure the things from my mother as well. I wish I had known how much I would want them when I allowed other family members to have her other linens. The younger generation does not seem to have the appreciation for these items.

  2. What a wonderful story about how you bought this china cabinet from the elderly lady. Oh, the stories this cabinet could tell. I also feel a connection to my family members who have gone before me when I gaze upon their treasured pieces. Beautiful blog post!

  3. Marty - all your silver and crystal and depression glass is beautiful ! I have a chest full of silver and crystal from my Mother, Grandmother and great-Grandmother. I could set a Downton Abby table in a heart beat! My favorite though, is my Grandmother's Limoges china. It is not a family heirloom, she purchased it herself, piece by piece. I pull it out and use it every chance I get - Thanksgiving and Easter of course, but sometimes even if we have our boys over and are having pizza! I too see the sets and sets of China at the thrift shops, and wonder as well why no one wants them. And sadly, there does currently seem to be a lack of regard for the beauty and history of family heirlooms. Luckily my nieces can't wait to get their hands on our family heirlooms, which make me feel very good!

  4. I do have some 'family treasures' but a lot have gone to my daughter already. And the poor thing has a lot from her father's side of the family. She is burdened with all the stuff and I have decided to encourage her to let some of it go. I think some of what we see in resale stores comes from estates where no one can fit in one more piece or often there is no family left to keep things. And families move often now, live in homes with less space, contrary to what we see on blogs and internet of huge homes. And different tastes for entertaining and life styles means our collectibles and those passed to us will be let go eventually. When 'treasures' become burdens it's time to stop. We should ask our children for their honest answers if they want our stuff.

  5. You're right on the money Dee. I have beautiful China and Crystal and silverware and no one in the family wants it. I can't sell it either.

  6. Yep! That's me... the keeper of family heirlooms. I'm happy to pass them on and so I'm waiting for the day that the grandkids (my nieces and nephews) are in a place in their lives when they can take care of them and appreciate them. Most of our heirlooms are from my dad's side of the family. My favorites are an old Bible with a wooden cover, a medal of my grandfather's from serving in WWI, and a spinning wheel. Thanks for sharing your family treasures!

  7. You have a lovely, light filled home. It’s good to get the precious stuff out sometimes and use it.


  8. Yes, I am the keeper and I am so happy my daughter loves my junk and wants to be the next keeper. I have a cabinet just like yours, it was my sisters. When we down sized, everyone thought the cabinet would have to go, as there would be no place for it. I said"No, way, I am putting it in the entry, just like Mary has hers". It fits beautiful there.

  9. Marty I think you know that my answer to your question is a big "Yes!" Many things in our home have sentimental value. My grandparents loved antiques and I have inherited some of theirs. The antique organ in the music room is 140+ years old, my grandfather bought it in 1976 and it was already an antique, it is one of my most sentimental pieces especially since he was my first piano teacher and my grandmother would sit me on her lap work the feet pumps since my legs were too short and so I could play.

    I adore your gorgeous china cabinet filled with treasures!

  10. I'm an only child, so I have inherited all of my parents' possessions. I have a dish cabinet much like the one you have, a Duncan Phyfe table and chairs, and much much more. Yes, I'm a keeper of treasures.

  11. I am the keeper and saver. I wish I had more of my mother's things. So many things in GoodWill that someone spent a lifetime acquiring. Most younger people don't want them and donate or sell for very little. I have often said our favorite blogs should have ads that say "Will give away for the price of postage" LOL