Monday, May 20, 2019

How To Make Your Bed The Focal Point In The Master

Are you searching for a splash of color or something interesting for your Master Bedroom. Check out these tips and ideas to  make your bed the focal point for your Master Bedroom.

Our bedroom is arranged so the bed can only be on one wall.  It also happens to be the entrance wall that holds the chair and nightstand.  The back wall is mostly window, the wall between the walk-in closet and master bathroom holds the dresser and tv, the other wall holds an 8 ft. sliding door closet and the entrance.  So I need to try and make the bed the focal point.  

I have an ornate headboard with a dark fabric insert, so adding a punch of spice or creating something soothing is always what I am going for.  Since the bed is the largest thing in the room, it just naturally becomes the focal point.  Now some play down the bed by using a really interesting color or wallpaper behind the bed.  Since our room in more long and narrow, I think keeping the headboard wall white like the rest of the room is best.  Some place their bed under a window, or between windows.  Most of us just put our beds on a blank wall.  In that case, we need to do something to make the bed look interesting or pop with color.  

Accessorizing with pillows and throws is a great way to give any bed something interesting to look at.  Our bed has character within the headboard, so I rely on the bedding to add more interest.  Simply swapping out different pillows/shams and throws can totally change the feel of the bed.  It can look elegant, casual, colorful or monochromatic and blend in with the room.

This is a really great example of a before and after how to make the bed the focal point in an all white room.  Everything in the room was kept basically white or natural except the bed.  With it painted black it is instantly what catches your eye.

Maybe use a huge mural wallpaper to make the bed standout.  Here they aren't even using a headboard and the bed is the focal point.

This has been a #1 favorite of mine since I first saw it.  Dark and Moody and feminine.  Without the mural the bed would still be gorgeous and a focal point, but this takes it a whole-nother level.

If you like the look of something more masculine and farmhouse industrial, this is gorgeous. 

Shiplap is always a winner for a Farmhouse Look. 

There are tons of Board & Batten and other Board Treatments that can make the headboard wall be the feature.

For each room take a good look and see if adding some kind of interest to the headboard wall will help make the bed the focal point you want it to be.  
If you decide your best option is to leave your walls the same color as the rest of the room, you can just make the bed the focal point and interesting.
Just try out a bunch of different pillows and see how much it changes your bed and the whole feel of the room.

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  1. Hi Marty,
    It is so amazing how just doing something to the wall the head of your bed is on makes a big impact. I love the before and after of the little girls room. How adorable.
    Happy Sunday. Have a great week.

  2. The change to the child's room was needed. After the change it was a different room completely. All of the other illustrations were beautiful. each room had depth and personality. Except for the masculine room. The cotton, burs an all have to go.....sorry

  3. So many beautiful bedrooms! I love the rooms with the flower mural wallpaper!

  4. I pinned this one for later reference. I will be updating my bedroom this summer!
    Have a great week, Kippi