Monday, July 1, 2019

Hall Bathroom Makeover Has Started - Demo

The Hall Bathroom Is Getting A Makeover

Time to update a couple of things.

When you take down any decor that you might have added to a room and look at the bare bones, it is always a little shocking.  Things just look so naked.   You're so used to seeing it with your decor and not just so plain. This is your typical builder basic bathroom.  Not a single upgrade of any kind.  Exactly what the builder installed in the house when it was built 14 years ago at the base price of the house.  The only thing we've done since we bought it two years ago is add the new flooring to replace the old white really worn linoleum - and a new light fixture to replace the hollywood lights.

To make do for the last two years, I added a little decor and a pretty shower curtain.

 We have the standard bathtub surround that is totally builder basic.  That has to stay for a while, the estimates I've received so far to replace with a nice tub and tile surround is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy out of my budget.  We're looking at $3800 on the cheap side and up to $6000 for anything upgraded.

So for now we're doing vanity, faucet, toilet, medicine cabinet and mirror.  I'll have to save up for the tub.

Ok, let's get started, here's what I picked out. 

It's a good thing we don't have company at the moment.  Everything that was in this bathroom and some new decor for the new shelves are all piled into the Guest Bedroom.  I think we need to purge before all that goes back in. 

Out with the old - The demo has begun.

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  1. Ooooh, how exciting, Marty! You must be so super excited! I know you have waited for this patiently.

    Love your inspiration board picks - will look fabulous! You have such great taste. Congrats! Looking forward to watching the transformation!!!!

  2. It will look awesome as all your re do are. I cannot wait to see it. We are having bathfitters come in and do the surround and tub in the new house and it is $$$$ expensive but it has to be done with the bathroom being so old. I picked them because they come in one day and get it done. The rest we will do ourselves. Looking forward to seeing your new re do.

  3. I always hate the mess of these things but it is so worth it when it is done! It is going to be beautiful and the tub won't look bad at all with everything else upgraded. xo Diana