Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Porch & Patio Makeover & Curb Appeal

Does your porch or patio need a little refreshing or a complete makeover?  Do you feel like the Curb Appeal is totally lacking?   Here are a few tips to get them ready for summer.

I am thrilled to be joining the Spring into Summer Porches, Patios & Outdoor Spaces Blog Hop.  If you are coming over from Amber (Our Hostess) @ Follow The Yellow Brick Home. - welcome.  I know you enjoyed Amber's tour as much as I always do.   

We've been in our home just 2 years and still have a ton to do, but we are getting there.  I thought I would share a little about our patio and how we are trying to create some curb appeal in our front yard - especially our front porch.

Porches and patios are places where we like to hang out.  In the summer time our patio is one of the places where we spend a ton of time.  It's where we entertain and enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air.  We did a makeover of our patio last summer and it is still one of our favorite places to be.  

Getting the Pool and Patio ready for Summer is where we spend most of our efforts and time.  This is where we live. 

Having a pool built was my #1 wish when we bought this house.  As soon as the kitchen remodel was done, we started on the pool.  You can see the final reveal here.  It is my happy place and a total dream come true.  I love being outside and this gives me a place to cool off, exercise, play and enjoy the world around me.  You can see more of this area here

Now that the back is looking good, time to tackle the front of our home.

The front of our house is where we've needed to do a few things to make it look a little more inviting and add some curb appeal.

Here is a look at our house when we bought it 2 years ago.  (Realtor Listing)

There were some overgrown and dead bushes that needed to be removed, so first things first.  We decided to start with a clean slate and removed all the shrubs.

It looks really naked at the moment, but there is a row of shrubs under the front window that will grow up in about a year and fill in that space. We planted some flowering shrubs that will give us some color too.  They will only get to about 3 ft. tall, so they won't cover the window.   In the mean time, those two pots are sort of stand-ins so that the front doesn't look totally blank. We added some pretty flowering shrubs by the red rocks also.  

 Now I want to try to do something to make the front door entrance look a little more interesting and inviting.  I've basically had just the wreath on the door for quite a while.

 Our front door is recessed in a nook between two columns.  Just a small walkway to the front door.  Not a porch at all, however  I still think there has to be a way to make it look inviting.

A future upgrade is to paint all the trim on the house - just not at this time.  I haven't decided what I want, so that is still in the "thinking about" process.  I would like to give the door interest with some color, but that is still in the "deciding stage" too.  Since this is such a recessed entrance, I really don't want it dark, so for now I am leaving it alone. 

My solution at this point was to add some pretty eye-catching container plants to the porch and a few accessories.

.  I've added a larger rug to define the entrance space a little better.  I layered the new "hello" door mat on top.   I swapped out the wreath for a hanging basket.  Since the box woods are round I thought the hanging basket added more interest than a round wreath.  I filled it with simple sprays of cat tails.  (I tried a black and white rug, but the contrast just seemed way off, it didn't work.)  Keeping the entrance more neutral seemed to work best.

The boxwood topiary is a fun look.  I added ivy around the bottom to cascade down the sides of the planter.  The single boxwood ball adds more character.  There isn't room for a lot, but for now I like this.  

Now as the plants grow across the window, I think it will begin to look better cared for and more welcoming.

Next up on the tour is Debra @ Common Ground.  They are in a new home too so I can't wait to see how they are putting their stamp on the outside.

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  1. The pool deck and flower beds look amazing after only two years. Your porch is darling too. I love the basket on your front door. It just pops off of the off white. I know it has to be a challenge in the dessert. I love that you have success with flowers. I can't wait to watch the progress of your front transformation.

  2. What a beautiful pool and sitting area! I also love your topiary by your front entry. It is a pleasure to join you for the hop this week. Blessings,Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Miss Marty your front yard looks absolutely amazing. I just can't get over the transformation. Love the touches of yellow!

  4. Marty your back porch and pool are dreamy! You have done a wonderful job!

  5. I am in love with all of your outdoor living areas. The before and after of your front porch looks amazing. I am so wanting to sun around your pool. Love it all!

  6. Hi Marty, your backyard metamorphosis was totally amazing! Your patio is so wonderful, love the private curtained area since you all are out there so much. But I really love seeing your ideas and plans for the front porch and entrance. Removing existing shrubs and landscaping is pretty intimidating because I for me, I don't want to get it wrong. You have so much potential there, love your topiaries at the door, and I'm excited to see what color you decide on for your door, I have that same happy dilemma!

  7. Houses are such a process, aren't they? How wonderful to have a pool in your back yard! I'm loving the new trend of using 2 mats by the door; need to jump on that band wagon one of these days. Always love seeing your totally-different-than-my-climate home, Marty!

  8. Simple changes make a huge difference. Those windows are too pretty to cover up. Love the improvements you made and the fantastic curb appeal Marty!

  9. Marty, your backyard sunroom is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. Especially as you can enjoy the pool from there. I bet you know that new landscaping takes awhile and I’m sure your front yard will be beautiful in no time. I love the boxwood topiary by the front door. That’s exactly what we need.

  10. What a lovely transformation! Y'all have done a lot of work. It's beautiful!

  11. You’ve made great changes and updates! Love the backyard patio area and the front entryway is looking great! Love the basket there and the topiary. Little by little you are getting it the way you want!

  12. Marty,
    The boxwoods at your front entry are perfect. The height of the topiary fits the tall space well, and the small single ball boxwood pulls the space together. I agree with you that the basket, instead of a circular wreath, adds more interest. It also fits the shape of the space. Taking out the shrubs in front of the window opens up the front yard. I always enjoy seeing your classical touch to decorating.


  13. You can never go wrong with boxwood spheres, topiaries and ivy! I think your are perfect and I would want to keep them there year round. They have such an elegant and classic look which is an indicator of what is just inside the door! Before you know it the new landscaping will fill in and it will look beautiful. I am curious, what kind of tree is the yellow tree in front of your house? It is so interesting!

    Your pool and surrounding landscaping looks magazine perfect and I know you must truly enjoy that beautiful space. Of course your patio room is perfect too, and I love the neutral decor which makes it seems calming and relaxing.
    I hope you get to spend lots of time out there all summer. I know this time last year you were getting ready for back surgery, so maybe this year you will be feeling great and have more time to spend in your outdoor spaces.

    Thank you so much for joining the hop and sharing ideas for curb appeal. I am looking forward to your summer home tour too.

    Have a great summer!

  14. I like the hanging basket and all the plants on the porch.

    Have fun with the deciding stage - it takes time, but you'll get it right if you take your time.

  15. Marty,
    Your pool is gorgeous! I would love spending time out there! I love the topiary and boxwoods that you added to your front entrance and the hello mat! It looks so beautiful!


  16. That door basket looks just right in that space. I like the new window shrubs too--much better, and more interesting, than the boxwoods. (Maybe another one of those right in front of the right-hand porch column would add color and definition to the entry?) Your few changes so far made such a difference.

  17. I am always so inspired by how much you have done in your house since you moved in! Love that pool area and that back porch sitting area. How wonderful it must be to have those spaces! I love the topiaries in the front as well. My front porch is a mess right now because we had some gutter-drainage issues and now the front of my house needs to be power-washed. Always something, right? Have a great day and thanks for the tour!

  18. It's so much fun to see the outside of your home, Marty, it's really pretty! I love those yellow flowers in your front yard and how you've layered the boxwood topiary with the ivy too. Your back patio and pool area are gorgeous. I can only imagine how much fun you and your family must have out there through out the year. It's all so inviting! Hugs, CoCo

  19. It is so nice to see how happy you are with the changes you are making. Your pool looks so amazing and wonderfully refreshing. Your curtains on your patio offer much needed shade and privacy too! Enjoy your summer!

  20. I like the changes you made for the front of the house. I also love the boxwood topiary!