Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday DIY & Finds

Last week there were so many wonderful projects and ideas.  I loved so many of them.  Here are just a few. 

I love how the makeover of this card catalog turned out. 

I love this idea.  Now the concrete porch looks like wood.  Check out their tutorial.

How to Add A Light Anywhere without Electricity.  Great tutorial. 

I always wonder why a builder puts a light switch or thermostat right in the middle of a wall.  Here is a great idea to camouflage one. 

I love these chairs and finding cushions for them is wonderful. Check out this makeover . 

I found some helpful tips in this post. 

I love this butlers pantry and this fabulous tutorial on how to install a lot of open kitchen shelving for $50.  

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  1. I love Fridays Marty! SO many good finds.

  2. Great Friday feature finds, Marty! Have a great weekend.

  3. Oh I already spray paint resin Adirondack chairs! Buy them at a garage sale and spray the color I want! Awesome!