The Pool Is Finished

I am so ready for the warm weather this summer, yeeeeekkkkkk - I have a small pool to cool off in.  A while back I showed you tons of work going on in the back yard.

We went from this when we first moved into the house - hubby and a small garden area.  Then the tree died and the garden area became a huge mess.

So my children decided it was time to fix up the yard and give me a place to cool off when the temps hit those 110 - 120 days.   Their idea included a small pool, storage area, raised garden beds and a small pond.  All three children chipped in and made it happen. The boys got busy with tons of supplies and grunt labor and my daughter finished the pool off with a salt water filter and umbrella.

 The whole idea came from a picture I showed them over a year ago of a fabulous little pool that was shared by Let's Add Sprinkles.  I love her stock pond pool and it is the perfect size for my small area.  My son remembered it and put his plan into action.

 It took a jackhammer to dig some of the holes, but these two were relentless.

Fences went up to hide the potting benches and compost pile -

and the background for the pool started to take shape. -

Plumbing was done for the filter -

and the stock tank was painted with pool paint.

The pump was given a dry run and then painted to match the inside of the pool -

and the waterfall was tested.

The umbrella was set up on a weighted platform and covers the whole area.

  Cool clear filtered water and a fabulous waterfall to listen to.

There's still work to do and plants to plants, but I am ready for hot weather.

Stop by anytime and we'll have a glass of tea or wine and cool off in the pool.

It's been fun to see that several magazines have picked up on the pool - Here is the link to the feature by WOOHome DIY, Home Decor & Interior -

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